Eruptions rumbling nearby!

Former deputy DPS commissioner Ambrosio Agumoro has started exposing alleged corruption in the local police department. It pertains to matters he asserts were ignored by his bosses during his tenure at DPS.

It’s mind-boggling how Ogumoro was successfully dealt the silencing of the lamb. He was given instructions by then-governor Benigno R. Fitial to handle former AG Ed Buckingham’s airport situation. Strange that he was subsequently arrested. The trinity scurried off and left him for dead.

He was dealt a political deathblow for discovering that siblings of the politically powerful were allegedly involved in the misuse of public funds. So the collar of office is used to even absolve their own children and close relatives from the humiliation of arrest while the rest of citizenry must endure it all.

What about the pimping and fornicating with a minor that involved law enforcement officers? Why is it that others have been arrested and incarcerated, yet law enforcement officers got off scot-free? Where is justice in this case? You have done surgical precision covering the gaping wound but it never healed, did it? The law must be made applicable to everyone! Is justice for the privileged few? Is the AG anywhere near the court building?

Ogumoro is using the proverbial coin to show his side of the story. He’s submitted it to the OAG for investigation. Look forward to the investigation, specifically how the OAG handles it. Let’s see the self-righteous wiggle themselves out of self-concocted mess that is back to haunt them for life.

It’s an interesting case how political collusion was used against forthright employees highly mindful of doing the right things by doing them right.

What’s the moral of this case? It’s time to expose and cleanse the government of corrupt people. Ogumoro said, “If perchance I’ve erred please accept my apologies, but here’s my side of the story.” The next time the supposed “powers that be” wish to slaughter a snake make sure it isn’t a two-headed creature!

View: The term optics has acquired greater meaning than the synonym perception. It simply means, “How people see issues” they come across daily. It’s a good term assessing how you see issues on the islands.

In my quick trips or visits to family and friends I wanted to find out the optics of various issues. The reaction varies from quick intelligent answers to ones with tons of expletives, furious.

Passivity: We seem indifferent, if not okay or acquiescent on issues that matter, donning the “It’s not my job” syndrome. This must change in expedited fashion. We must not continue allowing myopic views to rule the day.

We must begin looking critically at the consequence of ignored decisions, not from ill-prepared policymakers but from “we the people.” We must insist on real competence in the delivery of public services. It begins with the appointment of qualified people to jobs of responsibility.

CUC: Some were quick to point to the financial posture of the utility agency being in “shambles.” An informed citizen related it’s all a matter of “competence” obviously missing in recent dispositions.

The quick exit for an “elected this and that” isn’t the answer. It’s all a matter of doing due diligence in the appointment of competent people. If Raffy looks hard enough he could easily find some of our very own for any and all posts in government. This path could easily provide jobs for returning college grads that now head right back to jetways for lack of opportunities at home.

Number of employees: With over 4,000 government employees it goes to confirm how the new culture of political correctness has turned into excess baggage for taxpayers. “We pay for their loot yet the quality of public services are far below mediocrity.”

I could understand where they’re coming from, what with stagnant salaries for over 20 years. The excess baggage denies the working people NMI-wide money they should be spending on family needs over useless political hires. This new culture must be set on fire and torched to death!

Taxing BSI: Reps. Janet Maratita and Alice Igitol have a measure to impose a 5 percent tax on income made from the billions of dollars that pass across rollover tables at BSI monthly.

Some lamely chanced that it isn’t the right time to tax. Oh please, did you even take Economics 101? How come this casino joint is the only one globally whose income isn’t taxed? What’s the financial posture of the NMI? EVERbody home on this score or “not yet already?”

Loss of tradition: I recall in the early ’70s a class action lawsuit we filed against a land giveaway of prime beach area in Puntan Muchot. It was a fully thought-out decision committed to sustaining and following the footing especially the righteous and just path of our ancestors and elders.

I did it remembering the place where hundreds of families used to catch land crabs and join master fishermen in traditional fishing ground catch reef fish. It was family sustenance on land and along the shore. Fishermen share their catch with the community. It was communal sharing at its best. It was foundational tradition supporting our way of life.

Fiscal posture: The lack of information of the NMI’s financial posture doesn’t leave much room for purposeful and meaningful planning. It’s all ad hoc that usually lack fully thought-out purpose. This is the hallmark of this administration.

Policy: Magoo and friend Denañg were discussing policy, specifically what does it mean? “It’s the law intended for the public good,” declared Denañg. “Then how come most folks on the hill think it’s about the local police department?” Woe!

John S. Del Rosario Jr. | Contributing Author
John DelRosario Jr. is a former publisher of the Saipan Tribune and a former secretary of the Department of Public Lands.

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