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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Tropical storm condition 1 for Agrihan
Malakas moves away slowly from Marianas

A tropical disturbance near Agrihan intensified and was upgraded into a tropical storm yesterday, prompting Gov. Benigo R. Fitial to declare tropical storm condition 1 for the island yesterday.

The Emergency Management Office urged residents of Saipan, Tinian, and Rota to take extra precautionary measures when driving on highways due to heavy rain showers and possible flooding in low-lying areas.

Citing the anticipated threat of Tropical Storm Malakas, Fitial declared Tropical Storm Condition 1 for Agrihan beginning at 8:30am yestrday. As of 5:30pm, Condition 1 was still up on Agrihan.

Packing maximum sustained winds of 40 miles per hour, with force winds extending up to 70 miles from the center, Malakas began slowly moving away from the Marianas as of 1pm.

The center came closest to Agrihan at 11am when it was 25 miles northwest of Agrihan, 235 miles north-northwest of Saipan, and 355 miles north of Guam.

As of 5pm, the EMO and the National Weather Service said the center of Malakas was 70 miles west-southwest of Agrihan, 240 miles north-northwest of Saipan, and 345 miles north of Guam. At that time, maximum sustained winds were at 40 miles per hour and its force winds extended up to 65 miles from the center.

NWS said torrential rainfall of 2 to 4 inches is likely this morning, resulting in flooding of poor drainage areas.

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