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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Golden Harvest achieves forensic victory

Golden Harvest International School students who took part in first Primary Grade Forensic Competition held last Oct. 9 at William Reyes Elementary School pose with their teachers. (Contributed Photo) This school year’s first Primary Grade Forensic Competition held last Oct. 9 at William Reyes Elementary School brought honor to Golden Harvest International School when students from kindergarten 4 to 4th grade proudly performed their best. Because of the hard work and determination of both teachers and students, Golden Harvest achieved victory by winning numerous awards in all events on all division.

Below is the list of PGFC winners from Golden Harvest:

Dramatic Interpretation
2nd Daphne Cruzat
3rd Faith Bocago
4th Hannah Lacap
5th John Isaac San Nicolas

Humorous Interpretation
1st Vincent Philip Salvador
3rd Devin Ross Ayuyu
4th Jude Litulumar
5th Robin Kyle Alvarez

1st Daphne Cruzat and Faith Bocago
4th Camry Drummond and Amber Sureta
5th Chariz Pasaylo and Jylon Sablan

Choral speaking
2nd Jewel Combinido, Hannah Lacap , Michelle Leon Guerrero, Kyla Raquel
4th Stephanie Flores, Sukey Wu, Yvonne Abustan
5th Arman Cabrera, Nathan Guanzing, Marlon Pineda, Jylon Sablan

Choral speaking-C
1st Devin Ross Ayuyu, John Isaac San Nicolas, Vincent Philip Salvador
2nd Sebastian Bernardo, Aaron Ignacio, Robin Kyle Alvarez, Raven John Francisco
5th Christian Daniel, Christine Caluya, Iver Jude Dimaun, Chareena Layugan

Dramatic interpretation-B
1st Joseph Yanto
2nd Marione Corpus
4th Mark Ira Galang

Humorous interpretation
2nd Joseph Yanto

2nd Mathew Leon Guerrero, Kris Angelo Talens

1st Mark Daniel Ibanez, Fernand Ramos,
2nd Davean Gonzales, Kennedy Vila

Choral speaking-A
2nd Marione Corpus, Mark Ira Galang, Davean Gonzales, Aaron Esquivel, Kennedy Vila

Choral speaking-B
5th Kris Angelo Talens, Mark Daniel Ibanez, Fernand Ramos

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