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Monday, April 21, 2014

Man’amko Christmas album is now a certified bestseller

The “Man Amko’ Christmas Album” is now a certified bestseller, having sold hundreds of copies just days since its Thursday release.

Saipan Seniors Advisory Council president Maria Salinas said Tuesday that as a result of the warm and enthusiastic reception of the public to their album, it will now be offered for sale in various locations on island.

Salinas said the holiday-themed album will also be sold at Marg’s Kitchen, Tun Goru, Konbetsa Café/Walk in Closet, and Joeten Susupe, in addition to the Aging Office in Garapan where the album was initially made available.

She told Saipan Tribune that 225 copies of the album—nearly half of the 500 copies officially reproduced—have already been sold as of Nov. 20, and many have already made reservations for the album.

Salinas noted that Aging director Rose Mondala is among their most determined album sellers.

The 14-track album costs $15 each and features performances by Salinas, Paula Mereb, Maxie Mereb, Vicenta Rosy, Ann M. Perry, Ana Nakatsukasa, Benjamin Norita, Vicente “Sirampi” Laniyo, Jacoba Asuncion, Teresita Sorroza, Meryalen Conrad, Terry Sitae, Floria James, Jesus B. Pangelinan, Manuel Mesa, Mila Garin, Teodoro Guiao, Natividad Borja, Alejandra Blas, Benita Cepeda, and Fidel Alomia.

The album, which contains holiday staples sung in different languages, also features performances by Tommy Boy Atalig, David Dre Manglona, and Aging program coordinator Walter Manglona.

All proceeds from the album sale would go to the councils’ coffers to help improve programs at the center such as purchasing more exercise equipment to keep the man’amko fit and healthy.

Meanwhile, the Office on Aging will be serving not just lunch but also breakfast for clients at the Aging Center beginning next week.

Salinas said this is welcome news for the island’s elderly.

She disclosed that because of the implementation of austerity measures last fiscal year, Aging staff had to stop serving them breakfast.

At one point, the man’amko were only served juice for their morning meal, she added.

Many of the seniors said they ought to be served breakfast since federal funding provides enough to pay for the meal.

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