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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Despite challenges, NMI still has a lot to be thankful for

No government shutdown, restoration of 80 work hours, the absence of major calamities, wonderful families, friends, and beautiful islands are but some of the many things that people of the CNMI are thankful for.

Leticia Ngewakl, 7, said she’s thankful for her family and God.

“I thank them for all the blessings I get,” the Garapan Elementary School student said.

Her mother, Elsie Ngewakl, said that despite the financial challenges, her family is still happy with what they have. Her family shared a Thanksgiving meal yesterday that she said they prepared for.

Gov. Benigno R. Fitial and Lt. Gov. Eloy S. Inos, in their Thanksgiving Day message, said: “Despite the challenges and opportunities of throughout the year, Thanksgiving Day is a special time to give thanks for all the goodness we have received.”

“It is also time to reflect on all our graces and to ask for guidance to face the challenges that lie ahead. We also pray for the safe return of our troops and the protection of our citizens from forces that wish us harm,” they said.

Fitial and Inos said as people come together with friends and family this holiday season, they should also pause for a moment to remember to give thanks “for the good fortunes and freedoms we enjoy.”

“And let us not forget those who are less fortunate here and afar as well as those who find themselves away from the comfort of families. To all the residents of the CNMI, we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving,” they added.

Josefa Salas, 19, said this will be her first Thanksgiving after coming back from Kansas for years, to be “reunited with my family.”

“I am thankful I am reunited with my family,” the Kagman 3 resident said.

Rosemarie Robediso, 45, said she’s thankful for her children who have now finished college or at the top of their classes.

“My hard work paid off. I want the best for my children,” the Chalan Kanoa resident said. She said one of her daughter finished nursing and her other child is at the top of her class.

Press secretary Angel Demapan said he is “thankful for the gifts of life, family, my awesome children, and friends.”

“In a very special way, I wish to share this day with every member of the U.S. armed forces who afford us all the great opportunity to live in a society of freedom, liberty, and justice. I can never thank them enough for the sacrifices they make for all of us,” he added.

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