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Monday, April 21, 2014

Oceans Club winds down tonight; club to re-open as an outdoor bar

Oceans Club will open its doors to the public for the last time tonight after almost two successful years in the business, but its owners promised to re-introduce the “Oceans” brand as an outdoor bar by December once it moves to a new Garapan location.

Located along Paseo de Marianas, Oceans Club is a disco and bar spot that opened in March 5, 2001, and has catered to many local patrons on weekends, while tourists make up a big part of their clientele, especially on weekdays.

Rei Yamagishi of WTT-USA, LLC, owner and operator of Oceans Club, is inviting the public, particularly their regular customers, to join them in their moving out party, which promises to give everyone a great time.

Tonight’s event, which will be held from 8pm to 2am, will feature a Special Budweiser Promotion where Budweiser products are priced at $3 each and vodka cocktails for $4 each. The event will also feature guest DJs Boss, Furbz, and Jaybo to fill the club with fantastic music all night long.

Also, visitors will each be given a ticket for a chance to win Budweiser and Docomo prize giveaways.

“We appreciate all the support we received for two years, which is a pretty big accomplishment given the state of our economy. So we really hope to see everyone tonight,” Yamagishi told Saipan Tribune.

About a week or so from tonight, Yamagishi said that their loyal patrons and the rest of the public can look forward to the opening of Oceans Bar at the Saipan Square Garden next to Power 99, also in Paseo de Marianas.

Oceans Bar would be an outdoor bar where customers can comfortably sip their favorite cocktails and other drinks while socializing with friends or making new ones, said Yamagishi.

He revealed plans of setting up high-speed Wi-Fi to accommodate tech-savvy clients, at the same time transforming the new location, including hooking up their music feed to the next door radio station, to fit their small but cozy operation.

Yamagishi, who grew up on Saipan, said the move to open the new Oceans Bar is “already time” and is part of a bigger plan to create entertainment for the people of Saipan, which include more unique bars and hangout spots.

“We want to move on and provide people choices,” said Yamagishi, whose mentor was his father who established the first diving operation on island, as well as real estate and other business ventures.

Yamagishi explained that his idea to keep the “Oceans” brand was due to sentimental reasons. “Oceans is the very first bar we operated, and we intend to keep it going,” he explained.

Besides the brand name, Yamagishi said they are keeping their skilled and friendly bartenders.

“We are fairly confident that we can survive. Because the people liked Oceans Club, we are positive that they would also like what we have in store for them. I hope they keep supporting us and we’ll do our best to provide them with quality service,” said Yamagishi.

Tonight’s event is sponsored by WTT-USA, LLC, Budweiser, Docomo, Power 99, and Crystal Company.

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