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Thursday, April 17, 2014

McTeacher’s Night program launched on Saipan

Creativity and commitment of CNMI public school teachers will be witnessed anew beginning this week as they perform another extraordinary role for their students.

McDonald’s Saipan launched yesterday its newest campaign that primarily aims to assist public schools in meeting their immediate budgetary needs for student learning.

“McTeacher’s Night” program was patterned after the successful campaign in Guam and U.S. states. The event will run throughout a whole year targeting to work with individual public schools on island.

McDonald’s Saipan owner Marcia Ayuyu shared with Saipan Tribune that it has been her long desire to launch the program on Saipan, especially in this time of financial challenges of public schools.

“Whenever I traveled to the U.S. mainland, I always look for new ways to bring in customers to McDonald’s and at the same time help the community. It’s been a long time that I’ve been preparing for this program...and I hope it will also be a big success here just like Guam and the states,” Ayuyu said, adding that to ensure that the program will be effective, she shared the idea with public schools and was grateful for the commitment expressed by school principals.

“McTeacher’s Night” officially kicked off last night, with Kagman Elementary School teachers the first to take the challenge of serving as the fastfood’s crewmembers in its Middle Road outlet.

Ayuyu said the program will provide participating public schools percentage of the store sales within the three hours they served each day. Under the program, school/schools are given three days to work as crewmembers for three hours during Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays all throughout the month. For December, KagES will take charge. Ayuyu, along with general manager Anna Olaes, disclosed that the program will provide the participating schools the following sales proceeds within the three hours they serve in a day schedule: for total sales from $1,999 or less, the school will get a 10-percent share; 15 percent from sales of $2,000 to $2,999; and 20 percent for sales $3,000 and above.

While admitting that proceeds from the program may not be enough to build a new classroom building for a public school, Ayuyu assured that whatever financial benefit the schools can get from McTeacher’s Night will help in the immediate needs of schools and students such as supplies, minor repairs, books, and small projects.

Saipan Tribune learned that for KagES, the target project is the school’s installation of intercoms.

If KagES is successful in securing the December slot for the program, next to serve as crewmembers are teachers of San Antonio Elementary School which is scheduled for the whole January.

For February, three schools will join forces for McTeacher’s Night: Koblerville Elementary School during Mondays; Kagman High School during Tuesdays; and San Vicente Elementary School during Wednesdays.

Meantime, Oleai Elementary School teachers are scheduled to take center stage in March, Garapan Elementary School in April, and Dandan Elementary School in May next year.

All public schools on Saipan are invited to take part in the campaign that will run throughout next year and are encouraged to come up with “additional attractions” for their campaign.

Ayuyu is encouraging participating schools, students, and their parents to “own the McTeacher’s Night” as the program is really designed to assist the public schools and the students.

“McTeacher’s Night” is the second major campaign of McDonald’s for public schools after the successful event last year that awarded schools based on the number of coupons collected by McDonald’s outlets from participating schools.

“I myself is excited about this program because I can see that it’s something good for the community and for our schools especially. I asked that our teachers and parents will take involve to make this a success for our students,” added Ayuyu.

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