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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Kagman resident arrested for assault, disturbing peace

Police investigation found that there is probable cause to charge Kagman resident Martin Omar Jr. with disturbing the peace, assault, and assault battery after an incident last week.

Yesterday, the court imposed $1,750 bail for the defendant who was arrested Thursday by authorities.

According to the investigation report completed by police detective Peter A. Aldan, 24-year-old Omar committed the charged crimes on Nov. 30 at a residence in Kagman I, south of Wan Fu Market at about 9:41am Thursday. The defendant was later transported and detained at the Department of Corrections.

Based on the report, Patrol Office Flor Estabilio arrived at residence and met with the defendant, his sister and her husband, who were the victims.

Police found out that at approximately 7:30am on Nov. 30, the victims were sitting outside their garage when they saw the defendant walk out from the kitchen side with a bag full of tools owned by Omar’s father who recently passed away.

Omar, according to the report, left the bag for a while in a tent outside the house to talk to a friend. While he was away, the female victim told her husband to take the tools from the bag and put those inside the trunk of their car.

Omar later came back looking for the items inside the bag. He aggressively approached the alleged victims and inquired about the missing items. Both victims denied knowing about the tools and that angered Omar.

The defendant later approached and pushed the male victim while threatening him that he will break both the victim’s car and his face. For fear of her husband’s life and other family members in the house, including two newborns, the female victim called police for assistance.

In yesterday’s bail order, Omar was ordered to post 10 percent of the bond for temporary release. He was ordered to appear in court on Dec. 10, 9am, for preliminary hearing of the case. He will be represented by the public defender’s office in the case and arraignment is set on Dec. 24, 9am.

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