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Sunday, April 20, 2014

MCS saddened by tragedy, assures cooperation

Mount Carmel School president Galvin Deleon Guerrero said yesterday that the institution is deeply saddened by the recent tragedy that took the lives of the parents of one of their students. He vowed to extend the full assistance and cooperation of the school in the ongoing investigation of the case.

The decomposing bodies of the parents of a 6-year-old male student from MCS were found by authorities Saturday noon in the family’s residence in San Vicente. The case is classified as a homicide but no arrest has been made at press time.

The boy is currently in the custody of the Division of Youth Services, which took the child since Thursday afternoon after the boy’s parents failed to pick him up from school.

“Mount Carmel School is deeply saddened by the recent tragedy that took the lives of two of our parents and left one of our students orphaned. We thank our faculty and staff who not only diligently followed school procedures in responding to the situation, but went to great lengths to ensure the safety and welfare of our students,” said Deleon Guerrero.

He also extended his appreciation and gratitude to DYS, Department of Public Safety, and Office of the Attorney General for their responsiveness and willingness to help and support the school and the affected family.
According to Deleon Guerrero, the MCS faculty, staff, and administration remain committed to helping their students and all involved move forward through this difficult time. This includes providing any grief counseling needed, reinforcing the school’s safety procedures, and assisting law enforcement with the investigation.

“We ask everyone for their continued support and to keep all the victims of this tragedy in their prayers. In the face of evil, we must always remember to keep our faith, cling to hope, and embrace love,” added Deleon Guerrero.

Police discovered the bodies of the couple at their home on Saturday afternoon. It is believed that the killings occurred after the couple arrived home after dropping off their son at school.

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