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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cedrick the Magician charms audiences with his first show

Cedrick the Magician makes it snow during his first public show called Santa-via-Skype at the American Memorial Park auditorium on Saturday. (Clarissa V. David) Cedrick the Magician charmed his audience with his talent during his first public show Saturday afternoon at the American Memorial Park auditorium.

Called Santa-via-Skype, the show was a certified hit, with the audience both young and old giving rave reviews for the young and talented conjurer from Tinian.

Santa-via-Skype also celebrated the arrival of the most iconic symbol for Christmas, using Skype to track Santa’s progress as he traveled from the North Pole to Saipan. In between calls to Santa, Cedrick the Magician delighted the crowd with his magic tricks, some of which he learned at an early age.

The 20-year-old Cedrick demonstrated, among others, the very first trick he learned, using three ropes in different sizes; a dollar bill from a member of the audience, which was mysteriously moved from a glass at one end of the room to the other; and even making Santa’s sleigh work.

Santa-via-Skype culminated with Santa Claus himself arriving for picture taking with the youngsters and young-at-hearts.

Cedrick the Magician said the idea for the Santa-via-Skype show came from an entire team that also put together last Saturday’s event.

Although nervous at the start of the 45-minute show, Cedrick the Magician was able to overcome his jitters after seeing the audiences’ reaction. “Everyone just turned out. It’s a full house, as expected. Thank you Jesus!” he exclaimed.

Cedrick noted that the support of his family, who flew all the way from Tinian, also gave him confidence to perform publicly for the first time.

Conrado Libut, Cedrick’s father, was seen taking photos and video of his son during and after the show.

“He was very confident. I’m happy about the show’s turnout and I’m very proud of my son,” Libut said of his fourth child out of a brood of seven.

Cedrick’s mother, Joji, said it was her first time to watch Cedrick in a show. A teacher at Grace Christian Academy on Tinian, Joji said she and the entire family were supportive when Cedrick decided to leave his initial plan of becoming a civil engineer.

“It’s his dream to become a magician, so we’re just behind him, ready to support in any way we can,” she told Saipan Tribune.

Ballen Song, Cedrick’s best friend who joined him on stage for one of the tricks, was equally proud. “I just hope he keeps doing what he’s doing so he can improve it and become successful,” added Song, 17.

Cedrick the Magician also performed at the Brilliant Star School Bazaar last Dec. 9 and will next be seen at Pacific Islands Club this weekend.

Cedrick, who gave away “Classic Mysteries of the Master Magicians” during his show, said his future shows will feature more tricks. He hopes to master “closeup” tricks one day.

“I want to thank the community for coming out. I look forward to seeing them again in my next show. It’s going to be great and fun,” he said.

For more information, visit http://cedrickmagic.com/ or contact 789-9197 or contact@cedrickmagic.com.

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