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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Santa Soledad Parish goes online

Responding to the call of the Holy Father to engage in the new evangelization and in celebration of the Year of Faith, Santa Soledad Parish is leading the way with the unveiling of its own website, www.santasoledarparish.com.

Santa Soledad Parish, located in Kagman, becomes the first parish and second only to North Star/Diocese of Chalan Kanoa to go online, said Rev. Fr. Isaac M. Ayuyu, pastor for Santa Soledad.

“This is another way for our parishioners and the faithful to keep in touch with their parish church, not only to be informed of the events of the church but most importantly to be educated about their faith,” explained Ayuyu.

He added, “With the onset of technology, it spurs the ability and immerses everyone to adopt and embrace new ways, the right way— and what this means to us is that many more will be able to find the Catholic Church’s teachings and activities on their laptops, personal computers, smartphones and tablets.”

The new Santa Soledad Parish website will be linked to the North Star/Diocese of Chalan Kanoa website, www.dioceseofchalankanoa.com.

The website captures Santa Soledad Parish’s activities and teachings this year in articles, photos, and videos.

Parishioners can also find links of the teachings of the Catholic Church for their personal growth and education of the teachings of the Catholic faith.

The website has been designed to be user-friendly, allowing anyone to make appointments and schedules for baptisms, weddings, confessions, and special intentions. The website also shows a wide array of worship, fellowship, and service opportunities.

You can also directly email Ayuyu, with a special designed link where you can leave a message on the interface (homepage).

The renewed call by the Holy Father, through the Year of Faith “to rediscover the joy of (relearning their faith and) believing and the enthusiasm for communicating faith” has allowed Santa Soledad Parish to look for innovative ways to bring the Catholic faith closer to the Church’s teachings.

The works to create a new website began early this year, with Ayuyu himself personally overseeing the site construction.

“This is just humbling for our parishioners and for the Catholic faith, as a whole, that we continue to reflect on the importance of the church’s teachings and how we grow as a community of faith using new ways and mediums,” explained Ayuyu. “Please feel free to read more about our church on our new website, or come in for a visit.” (Santa Soledad Parish, Kagman)

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