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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Bookkeeper injured in another Garapan robbery

A bookkeeper yesterday points to the bruises she suffered when two male teenagers beat and robbed her while she was walking on her way to deposit her employer’s money at Bank of Guam on Monday morning. The victim also suffered a black eye and swelling to the back of head. (Ferdie de la Torre) A bookkeeper was injured when two male teenagers, including one armed with a bladed weapon, beat her up during a daylight robbery in Garapan on Monday.

The victim, a 46-year-old Filipino, told Saipan Tribune yesterday that she was on her way to Bank of Guam to deposit money into the account of NVM Enterprises when the attack happened.

The victim sustained lacerations and bruises to the hands and arms. She has a black eye on her right eye and swelling to the back of head. An ambulance transported her to the Commonwealth Health Center and she was released after being treated.

The suspects managed to run away with the company’s $1,200 cash.

Police said that on Monday, Jan. 14, between 11am and 12pm the victim was walking on Kadena Di Amor Street from her company located on Middle Road in Garapan to deposit money at the bank.

Police Officer Jason Tarkong said as the victim was near St. Michael’s Ambulance, she heard footsteps getting closer behind her.

When the bookkeeper turned around, one of the suspects struck her on the head and on the right eye with a rock.

As the victim noticed that one suspect was armed with a bladed weapon, she struggled. The suspects beat her up and struck her again on the head, causing her to feel dizzy.

The bookkeeper later realized that her purse was ripped open and the money was missing. She staggered back to her office where bystanders helped her and called the police.

Tarkong said the victim was unable to give a clear description of the suspects.

One suspect was described as about 5’4” tall, with dark skin, medium build, short dark hair, and wearing a light-colored shirt.

The victim said she was not sure whether the first suspect was wearing short pants or long pants.

She described the second suspect as a local male and a little bit taller than the first suspect but skinnier.

Tarkong said the NMI Crime Stoppers Program is seeking the public’s help for information regarding the robbery.

Last month, a Chinese businesswoman was seriously injured when an unidentified man assaulted her and her 16-year-old daughter during a robbery near Garapan Elementary School. Police later arrested the suspect.

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