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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Governor OKs over-the-cap salary of AAG

Gov. Benigno R. Fitial certified and approved the over-the-cap salary of assistant attorney general Ghassan Harb.

In a Feb. 6 letter to Senate President Jude Hofschneider (R-Tinian) and House Speaker Joseph Deleon Guerrero (IR-Saipan), the governor said Harb will receive an annual salary of $52,000.

The Salary Amendment Act of 1992 sets the salary ceiling for government employees at $50,000. However, the law gives the governor the authority to waive the ceiling and submit a certification to the Legislature.

“By copy of this letter, I am also advising the chairman of the Civil Service Commission of this certification,” Fitial told the Legislature.

Most of the over-the-cap salaries are for attorneys at the Office of the Attorney General and physicians and other medical personnel at the Commonwealth Healthcare Corp.

Governor’s nominees

In other news, the governor submitted to the Senate on Feb. 6 most of the required documents to support his Jan. 31 nominations of Douglas Hartig to serve as CNMI public defender and Martin B. Ada to serve as a member of the Marianas Public Land Trust.

The governor submitted copies of their resumes, statements of financial interest, police clearances, and drug test receipts to the Senate.

The governor said the administration will submit Hartig and Ada’s drug test results as soon as they become available.

Their nominations require the advice and consent of the Senate.

If confirmed, Ada will serve a six-year term that will expire on Jan. 8, 2018.

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