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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Company gets OK to manufacture herbal supplements

Sinho Development, Inc. president Sinho Nam, right, and Simon Sin address the board during the Commonwealth Zoning Board meeting on Thursday. (Clarissa V. David) The Commonwealth Zoning Board recently approved a conditional use permit application that would allow a company to begin manufacturing herbal products on island.

The board unanimously approved the conditional use application of Sinho Development, Inc. to produce herbal dietary supplements and other products—including a “natural” Viagra—for marketing and distribution on and off-island.

Manufacturing operations will be done at a property located in San Roque along Chalan Pale Arnold. The area is zoned as village commercial.

The application was approved with the condition that Sinho Development, Inc. apply landscaping where necessary; properly mark property stalls; ensure that company operations does not generate noise or dust; comply with stormwater management requirements set by the Division of Environmental Quality; does not park cargo containers on premises for more than three days; submit a sign application; ensure cleanliness of surroundings; and comply with requirements of other local and federal agencies that have jurisdiction over their operations.

Except for treasurer Alice S. Igitol, who was absent during Thursday’s meeting, all present board members approved the application.

In a business plan submitted to the Zoning Office, Sinho Development, Inc. said that manufacturing natural herb products on Saipan under U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulations will increase the products’ credibility and brand image.

“Saipan is an ideal geographic location for manufacturing and distributing dietary products,” the plan stated, adding that these products will be exported to Southeast Asian countries and the U.S. mainland through affiliate company Winners Korea Co., Ltd.

The company aims to market its products to “wealthy middle aged consumers” who are “generous” in spending for health products.

“As the population becomes aging and wealthier due to increased income, attention toward health is continuously rising,” the plan added.

Sinho Development, Inc. president Sinho Nam, through interpreter Simon Sin, said the company expects to import raw materials from countries such as Korea, Japan, and China but it will also use ingredients found on Saipan and Tinian.

“Definitely, we will study what local plants we can use to produce supplements,” said Sin, adding that the research and development department of Winners Korea will be in charge of this.

Sin said their products would be made out of Moringa and Noni, which are both widely recognized for their health benefits.

He also noted that Sinho Development is “investment-oriented, not labor-oriented.”

“Only the factory system is important to produce our products,” said Sin.

Sinho Development estimates to invest $160,000 in equipment and machinery, plus $200,000 in working capital for a total investment of $360,000.

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