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Saturday, April 19, 2014

CUC goes online; pay your bills at www.cucgov.org

Gone are the days when customers need to fall in line to beat their payment deadline for their utility bills because the Commonwealth Utilities Corp. is now online—an approach that will provide some convenience to the paying public.

CUC chief financial officer Charles Warren disclosed yesterday that its customers can now make their payments online via www.cucgov.org.

Customers need only click on the “payment online” button and they will be directed to a secure registration page for online payments.

Warren said this online payment system has a minimal fee of $1.50.

“There is a small $1.50 charge to use this new facility, but we’re confident that once our customers try the system, they will agree that the convenience, security, and immediate email transaction receipt are well worth the charge,” said Warren.

CUC customers usually just line up at the agency’s main office to make their payments and conduct other transactions.

With the new approach, customers can even set up automatic payments that will be very convenient when traveling off-island.

Besides making payments online, CUC patrons can also schedule appointments online with the agency’s customer service and financial accounts management staff. The online appointment facility is also available at www.cucgov.org. Customers will have to click on the “appointment” button and follow instructions.

Warren told Saipan Tribune that the utility corporation’s computer systems have already been modified to handle the new payment and appointment system, so no problems are expected in that regard.

“Our goals include minimizing waiting time in the lobby, improving the level of service received when visiting the Customer Care Center, and avoiding the need for repeat visits whenever possible,” said Warren.

Because the appointment application is new for CUC, Warren is asking for everyone’s patience as CUC adjust the system to best fit the needs of its customers.

Last February, CUC inked an agreement with telecommunications company IT&E to improve the agency’s call center service. Among the key advantages of this contract is that customers can reach any CUC department by dialing a single, easy-to-remember number, 664-4CUC. Previously, over two dozen numbers were in use to reach various departments.

Also, a live operator now answers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, except in very unusual circumstances. If all operators are busy, calls automatically go to voice mail and will be replied to as soon as possible.

CUC also recently introduced a smart-meter hardware that allows electric meters on homes and businesses to wirelessly transmit usage and other data via cell phone networks.

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