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Friday, April 18, 2014

Docomo: No positions at MCV will be eliminated

Docomo Pacific completed its $129.8-million acquisition of MCV Broadband last Wednesday and the telecommunication company assured employees of the cable firm that no position will be eliminated as a result of the merger.

James Nelson, Docomo Pacific Saipan general manager, said negotiations took several months before Japan-based NTT Docomo finally received approval from federal regulators to push through with the deal.

He confirmed that Docomo Pacific’s purchase of MCV Broadband will not result in the elimination of jobs at the cable company.

“There will be some organizational changes to efficiently integrate the dual teams. However, no positions will be eliminated as a result of the merger.”

MCV Broadband is a supplier of cable television, telephony, and high speed Internet services in Commonwealth and Guam. Before Docomo Pacific’s acquisition it was owned by private equity firm Seaport Capital.

Moreover, Nelson said Docomo Pacific’s initial and long-term plan is to combine both companies’ resources and services in order to effectively develop new programs and services to benefit the consumers of both the CNMI and Guam.

“Docomo Pacific and MCV are currently integrating and aligning their services to assess market conditions and needs. New services will be announced in the near future,” he added.

Asked specifically if Docomo Pacific has plans to simultaneously air on Saipan television and cable programs shown in the mainland, Nelson said: “At this point, programming will remain status quo. It is cost-prohibitive to provide ‘same time’ airing of TV and cable shows due to the extremely high cost of bandwidth between Saipan and Guam.”

He, however, assured MCV Broadband customers on Saipan that Docomo Pacific will do all it can to improve cable TV programming “as it is one of our priorities.”

Meanwhile, the fate of the MCV Broadband name is more certain as Nelson said that Docomo Pacific will eventually phase out the brand.

“In the near future, MCV will be fully integrated with Docomo Pacific. At that time, the MCV brand will be phased out and both companies will operate under Docomo Pacific.”

Nelson also said that plans are afoot for Docomo Pacific bundling its services with that of MCV Broadband’s in the near future.

Docomo Pacific is a wholly owned subsidiary of Japan telecommunications giant, NTT Docomo.

In an advertisement published in local newspapers on Wednesday, Docomo Pacific president and CEO Jay R. Shedd announced the merger of the two companies.

“With Docomo Pacific and MCV Broadband’s combined experiences, resources, and expertise, you will be able to take advantage of the region’s leading providers of mobile telecommunications services, television, Internet, and home phone services. All this and much more will soon be available to you at any of our convenient locations,” he wrote to customers.

Shedd added that Docomo Pacific’s core commitment remains the same, which is to provide the CNMI and Guam with the best selection of services and products, superb value, and excellent customer service.

“We will also continue to provide world-class innovations to ensure that our customers enjoy a full range of truly exciting possibilities,” he said.

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