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Friday, April 18, 2014

Fitial defends CNMI from online 'bashers'

House Speaker Benigno R. Fitial yesterday lambasted the authors of a website which ridicules Saipan and insults the people of the CNMI with sweeping and malicious allegations.

Fitial made his displeasure known even as government authorities are reportedly trying to pin down the source of the anti-Saipan smear drive. "This is clearly a demolition job, the handiwork of a sick mind."

"We have here an irresponsible, bitter, insensitive individual who definitely has an ax to grind against us, as people. It is clear he could not settle his grievances shoulder-to-shoulder, so he is getting back at us anonymously, through this post in the website," said Fitial.

He called on all CNMI leaders and members of the Saipan community to stand up together against this "atrocious attack on our integrity."

"Some of us have remained mum on this, refusing to dignify the article. But I say we must not let this pass without saying how much we condemn such a blatant attack on our sensibilities" said Fitial.

The website, which carries a write-up entitled, "Saipan Sucks: The Truth About Saipan," recites a list of supposed social ills ranging from nepotism, racism, corruption, exploitation of workers, human rights abuses to mismanagement of the economy.

The article also describes CNMI politicians as being mediocre, corrupt and under-educated. It also said there is "arguably more incest and familial intermarriage in the CNMI than anywhere else in the US." It further adds that spousal abuse is common and that "many mothers on Saipan have children by more than one father."

"We acknowledge we may have some problems. But we are solving them. After all, we are a young Commonwealth learning the ins and outs of self-government," said Fitial.

He lamented that the allegations in the site are just too "overblown and exaggerated."

"I challenge our critics to be identified. If what they’re saying about Saipan is true, then they should have the guts to stand on what they believe in. Sadly, what we have here is someone who makes outrageous allegations under cover of anonymity, obviously knowing that whatever lies he peddles would not come back to haunt him. It’s a one-way offensive against Saipan."

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