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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Marines, gear start arriving on Tinian for Forager Fury II

A ship carrying the equipment for U.S. Marines’ operations related to Exercise Forager Fury II is expected to arrive on Tinian tomorrow, followed by the arrival of a C-130 with some 30 Marines on Saturday to begin uploading the ship, Tinian Mayor Ramon Dela Cruz’s chief of staff and CNMI historian Don Farrell said yesterday.

A total of at least 358 Marines are expected to be in the CNMI for the November to December exercise, a follow-up to a successful exercise last year.

“As of yesterday, all local regulatory agencies, particularly the Commonwealth Ports Authority, were reviewing the [21-page] scope of work for compliance,” Farrell said.

The exercise validates the capabilities of the U.S. Marine Aircraft Group 12 or MAG 12 out of Iwakuni, Japan.

The integrated exercises includes fixed wing, rotary wing, and tiltrotor flight operations from Andersen Air Force Base in Guam, forward refueling operations at Tinian West Field, expeditionary airfield operations at Tinian North Field, and tactical ordnance employment on Farallon De Medinilla or FDM.

Forager Fury II also includes minimal activities on Pagan. The “mission” to “recover downed aircrew” on Pagan will be on Dec. 13.

To take advantage of this opportunity, MAG-12 will take a small volunteer medical and dental capability along with the “downed aircrew” to assess the health of the local inhabitants of Pagan and treat them as necessary.

Proposed training on Tinian West Field includes emplacement of arresting gear and fuel storage/distribution for purposes of extending aviation training throughout the Mariana Islands Range Complex.

On Tinian’s North Field, the proposed training includes clearing, grubbing, stripping and repairing runways, and the installation of AM-2 matting for rotary- and fixed-wing operations.

MAG-12 will establish a cantonment site with capacity for up to 300 Marines.

Training on FDM includes tactical ordnance employment, air delivery, JTAC training, and reconnaissance training.

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