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Thursday, April 17, 2014

US Army Airborne commends DPS TRET

Members of the Department of Public Safety’s elite Tactical Response Enforcement Team join DPS Commissioner Rebecca Warfield for a group photo after being awarded certificates of achievement and commendations by the U.S. Army Airborne Rangers’ Special Operations Command in the Pacific at the DPS conference room in Susupe yesterday. (Jacqueline Hernandez) The U.S. Army Airborne Rangers’ Special Operations Command in the Pacific has given commendations and certificates of achievement to the members of the Department of Public Safety’s elite Tactical Response Enforcement Team.

The awards were given after 14 TRET members led by their chief, Capt. Pete Leon Guerrero, completed a two-week Joint Chief of Staff Exercise Fortune Maker 07 in Guam. The training was held in Guam from Sept. 11 to 24.

Leon Guerrero and DPS Commissioner Rebecca Warfield distributed the commendations and certificates to the TRET members yesterday at the department’s conference room.

Warfield congratulated the TRET members “for a job well done” and said she wants the community to know about TRET’s “hard work and commitment.”

“You rose to the challenge. This is really about you. This is really about your hard work. You deserve respect and commendation for that,” the commissioner said.

Capt. Leon Guerrero said the Special Forces Group (Airborne) from Okinawa, Japan, conducted the training.

“Every year they conduct this operation. That’s where we at now…No. 5. That’s how high we are when it comes to Chief of Staff. So these commendations and appreciations and achievement are really deep when it comes to special force,” Leon Guerrero said.

TRET member Police Officer Jesse L. Dubrall was given an Army Achievement Award by the Department of Army’s Special Forces commander for his excellent performance in the training.

“I’ve been in the Army Reserve seven to eight years and this is the first time I got it,” Dubrall told Saipan Tribune.

Dubrall said his job at the training was to gather intelligence, get information and be sure that everybody sets an objective.

Another TRET member, Sgt. Anthony Macaranas, explained: “It’s to enhance the special forces capability in dealing with new terrorism.”

He said he was familiar with most of the training courses because he went through them as a former member of the U.S. Army.

“It’s a great tool to our trainings. [We] just want to let the community know that with this training we’ll be more prepared in dealing with today’s crises,” he said.

Aside from Capt. Leon Guerrero, Macaranas and Dubrall, the other TRET members who received commendation and certificates of achievement were Sgt. Joaquin Salas, and police officers Jason Tarkong, Regino Celis Jr., Frankie Pangelinan, Christopher Leon Guerrero, Nicholas C. Leon Guerrero Jr., Eric David, George David, Joaquin Deleon Guerrero, Roy Kaipat, and Simon Manacop,

Sgt. Salas did not make it to the presentation. He was injured during the training and is still recuperating, Saipan Tribune learned.

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