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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Foundation gets $15K donation

From left, Gov. Benigno R. Fitial, Lee Francia, first lady Josie Fitial, Jon Anderson, Bridge Capital loan officer, and David Jensen, chief financial officer. (Contributed Photo) By RIANNE PANGELINAN

First lady Josie Fitial’s Vision Foundation has an additional $15,000 to use for its community projects, thanks to a $15,000 donation courtesy of Bridge Capital, LLC.

Bridge Capital, LLC’s loan officer Jon Anderson and chief financial loan officer Dave Jenson presented the check to CNMI’s first lady Josie Fitial yesterday at the conference room of the Governor’s Office.

With Gov. Benigno Fitial looking on, the first lady accepted the check from David Jensen, chief financial officer of Bridge Capital, LLC, who presented the check on behalf of company owners John K. Baldwin and Shawn Scott, who are off-island.

“Bridge Capital is happy to help non-profit community organizations do their important work in the CNMI,” said Jensen. “We also assisted the Red Cross with a $5,000 contribution to their recent Club 200 fundraising, and additional donations are planned.”

Fitial said the money will be used for children’s and senior citizen’s projects in the Commonwealth, as well as for island beautification. She said she also intends to buy Christmas decorations for the airport.

Fitial leaves for the Philippines tonight to get a head start on her plans. While there, she will buy toys for distribution to children at the pediatrics ward of the Commonwealth Health Center. She returns Saturday at 3pm.

Bridge Capital, LLC is an international real estate lending and development company headquartered on Saipan.

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