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Saturday, April 19, 2014

One charge vs man in stabbing case junked

The Superior Court has dismissed one charge filed against a man who allegedly stabbed and seriously injured another person over a lemon tree dispute.

During Thursday’s preliminary hearing, associate judge David A. Wiseman said he found no probable cause to charge Valerio Saures Teregeyo with attempted aggravated assault and battery upon hearing the testimony of the witness and the arguments of counsel.

Wiseman dismissed the attempted aggravated assault and battery.

The judge, however, found probable cause to believe that the crimes of assault with a dangerous weapon and assault were committed and that the person who may have committed the offenses is Teregeyo.

Wiseman ordered the defendant to answer the charges.

The judge set the arraignment for Jan. 7 and remanded Teregeyo to the custody of the Department of Corrections.

Assistant attorney general Melissa Simms represented the government. Lawyer Bruce Berline served as counsel for the defendant.

Police said the victim, Simion Fitipol Rabauliman, also known as Jimmy, was taken to the Commonwealth Health Center where he was admitted for observation. He sustained a deep open stab wound and a cut just below the right shoulder blade.

The two other suspects—Vicente Igisaiar Teregeyo and Vincent Saures Teregeyo also known as Benji—have not been arrested yet. Valerio and Vincent are sons of Vicente Teregeyo.

Detective Juan M. Santos stated in his report that the fight happened in a land located at the Falugula in Oleai on Saipan in the morning of Dec. 18.

Santos said preliminary investigation showed that Rabauliman and his brother and nephew went to their family land in Falugula to get coconuts and lemons.

Vicente Teregeyo arrived in the area as Rabauliman was getting lemons from a lemon tree while his two companions were busy loading coconuts into their truck.

Vicente Teregeyo shouted at the victim as to why he did not ask for permission to get the lemons.

A fight followed during which Valerio Teregeyo allegedly stabbed the victim in the back with a knife.

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