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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Rota Dog Control Act yet to be executed

Rota Municipal Council councilman Vicente M. Calvo is asking the Department of Land and Natural Resources start executing the Rota Dog Control Act.

In a letter to DLNR resident director Herman A. Apatang, Calvo said he has been asked by concerned residents to do something about the uncontrolled and unattended dogs that are running loose around the villages.

“At risk are the safety and health of our residents and especially, the tourists or visitors walking around the villages,” Calvo said.

Rota Local Law 7-3 states that Rota legislators had determined that there was a “serious problem on the island of Rota, where domesticated and wild dogs wandering around on public land and private property pose a threat to the health and safety of visitors and residents of Rota.”

It further stated that dogs have been killing other domesticated animals and other wildlife on Rota.

The Rota Dog Control Act required the registration and licensing of all dogs on the island for a fee of $5.

The Act said that if any dogs are found to be unlicensed and unclaimed, they will be destroyed by the Department of Natural Resources “using the most humane procedure or process.”

Calvo said that perhaps the DLNR office is experiencing some problems in implementing such a law. “However, we need to know and find corrective measures.”

He added that dogs running loose in villages is a serious concern and that he highly recommends that something be done about it immediately.

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