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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Zoning issues fact sheet to guide businesses

The Zoning Office wants to help adult business owners understand how the Saipan Zoning Law affects their businesses. Staff have prepared a fact sheet: Adult Businesses on Saipan—Frequently Asked Questions. The Fact Sheet will be translated into Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. You can get a copy of the Fact Sheet at the Zoning office in Joeten DanDan or at their website, www.zoning.mp.gov.

Adult businesses include many types of businesses: adult cabaret, adult motel, adult motion picture theater, adult theater, escort agency, massage parlor, nude model studio, sex shop and sexual encounter center. Not all massage parlors are defined as adult businesses; professionally licensed or certified businesses which offer legitimate techniques of physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, or athletic trainers are not considered adult businesses. Massage facilities located in hotels that have more than 20 rooms are exempted from the Saipan Zoning Law. There are other factors which may affect the definition of an adult business.

As of Aug. 1, 2008, all existing adult businesses on Saipan are required to meet the building and sign design requirements of the Saipan Zoning Law.

As of September 2009, adult businesses will not to be allowed to operate anywhere except in an adult business overlay zoning district. Existing adult businesses will be allowed to request an extension based on their financial situation.

The adult business overlay zoning district is the area within 200 feet of each side of the centerline of Chalan Pale Arnold (Middle Road) from Chalan Msgr. Guerrero north to a line extending along the center of Commonwealth Avenue (south side of Sugar King Park).

A new adult business will be permitted only in the adult business overlay zone.

Owners of adult businesses should contact the Zoning Office for help in identifying changes to comply with requirements for outdoor appearance and signs. By registering as an adult business with the Zoning Office, staff will be able to contact you with future information necessary for your business. Businesses wanting to continue as an adult business after September 2009 are advised to start looking for a location in the adult business overlay zone. (Zoning)

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