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Friday, April 18, 2014

REPAC donates books, medical supplies to Saipan

The 16 pallets of bookshelves and four pallets of books being donated by REPAC await shipment to Saipan. (Contributed Photo) Reach out Pacific or REPAC, a group founded by Hawaii Rep. Glenn Wakai, has loaded a container of educational and medical supplies bound for Saipan.

In a statement issued Friday, Wakai said the shipment will be arriving on island on Aug. 13. Inside are 16 pallets of bookshelves, four pallets of books (textbooks/library books/toys), two respirators/ventilators, and two TVs with carts.

This gift was made possible due to the generosity of the University of Hawaii, Queens Hospital, Hawaii Department of Education, and Matson.

Wakai, a former Saipan resident and reporter for KMCV News, said, “I love Saipan and will continue to support the place I once called home.”

REPAC is a Hawaii non-profit organization that is dedicated to improving healthcare services and education in Micronesia.

According to its Web site, REPAC ‘s main operation is to collect surplus supplies from public and private institutions in Hawaii and then distributes these supplies to organizations in Micronesia who are in need.

Since it’s establishment in 2005, REPAC has helped numerous Micronesian organizations in need obtain more than $350,000 worth of much-needed supplies such as hospital beds, sheets, furniture, wheelchairs, treatment tables, books, computers, and many more items.

Its projects have brought aid to a wide range of islands in the Pacific, including American Samoa, Marshall Islands, Chuuk, Kosrae, and the CNMI.

For more information about REPAC, visit its new Web site www.reachoutpacific.org. (Saipan Tribune)

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