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Friday, April 18, 2014

Tips for incoming college freshmen

Crystal Cabrera and Catherine Villagomez Hundreds of high school seniors were promoted in May to the next step in their educational journey. Although summer vacation had just started, most of these students are now preparing themselves for the new challenges ahead.

In this article, two Northern Marianas College students give high school graduates some tips on what to expect when one decides to take the leap to college. Both are taking summer classes and are working with the college’s work-study program. Villagomez is from the Finance Office, while Cabrera works for CREES.

Catherine Villagomez is currently majoring in Accounting and Business Management at the Northern Marianas College. “I want to become a mathematician in the future,” said 20-year-old Villagomez.

Her tips:

1. Search the right community college or university that you are interested in and is qualified for enrollment.

2. Go to the admissions and records section and get all the information you need (such as requirements), depending on the career you want to pursue.

3. Apply for any scholarship you’re qualified for.

4. Ask your high school counselor to help you seek for the right community college/ university so they can help you get all the documents you need.

5. Check the advisers/counselor in that college/ university that you want for an orientation of the campus.

6. Talk to students on campus to get feedback.

Crystal Cabrera is currently majoring in Liberal Arts and Business in Northern Marianas College. “I want to become a nutritionist,” said 18-year-old Cabrera.

Her tips:

1. Apply for college early.

2. Start applying for scholarships.

3. Research for majors that interests you.

4. Don’t take breaks because you might lose momentum.

5. Start talking to school officials to get information.

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