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Thursday, April 24, 2014

GCA competitors soar high in October PGFC

Grace Christian Academy's October PGFC winners have their picture taken inside the GCA chapel/auditorium. (Contributed Photo) Bagging the most numbers of awards in both K-2 and 3-5 divisions, Grace Christian Academy competitors soared high like their school mascot, the eagle, in the first Primary Grades Forensic Conference competition participated by different private and public schools last Oct. 6, 2012.

It was also the first PGFC competition held at the school’s Navy Hill campus.
The Grace Christian Academy administration, faculty and staff, and parents of would like to extend their congratulations to the following winners and everyone who participated in the competition.


Impromptu Speaking A
Jada Lauryn Buniag, 1st Place
Makena Carrasco, 2nd Place
Julia Christine Jinang, 3rd Place
Briston James Jones, 4th Place
Timothy Neal, 5th Place

Impromptu Speaking A
Matthew Gabriel Ernest, 1st Place
Brandie Matsumoto, 2nd Place
Sara Elizabeth Keaton, 3rd Place
Kei Lizama, 4th Place
Juruel Neilan Magtalas, 5th Place

Readers Forum Masters A
Brandie Matsumoto, 2nd Place
Juruel Neilan Magtalas, 4th Place

Readers Forum A
Shielly Yoon, 5th Place

Readers Forum B
Mikaelah Owens, 3rd Place
Ryan Daproza, 5th Place

Dramatic Interpretation A
Julianna Rue Magtalas, 3rd Place
Matthew Gabriel Ernest, 4th Place
Ryan Daproza, 5th Place

Choral Speaking A
Briston James Jones, 4th Place
Katelyn Mafnas, 4th Place
Timothy Neal, 4th Place
Eunice Nicole Pagaduan, 4th Place
Kaydence Wayana Ria Sasaki, 4th Place


Impromptu Speaking A
Jim Michael Ham, 1st Place
James Alexander Keaton, 5th Place

Impromptu Speaking B
Elijah Joshua Pajarillaga, 1st Place
Matt Jason Moran, 5th Place

Reader’s Forum Masters A
Anna Camille Nunez, 1st Place
Jim Michael Ham, 3rd Place

Reader’s Forum Masters B
Matt Jason Moran, 2nd Place
Lanz Jabez Victoria, 3rd Place

Reader’s Forum B
Na Lee Lee, 3rd Place

Reader’s Forum C
Clerisse Llanah Dacumos, 2nd Place
Joyce Liv Francisco, 3rd Place
Luis Jerome Gaspar, 4th Place

Dramatic Interpretation A
Tae Yong Kim, 4th Place

Humorous Interpretation A
Robert Hanrey Schorr, 4th Place

Duo Interpretation A
Karissa Roselyn Quichocho, 4th Place
Jimin Woo, 4th Place

Duo Interpretation B
Tae Yong Kim, 2nd Place
Lanz Jabez Victoria, 2nd Place

Choral Speaking A
Justin Laurence Del Rosario, 2nd Place
Elijah Joshua Pajarillaga, 2nd Place
Jaiden Kayla Sabugo, 2nd Place
Jessa May Heart Santos, 2nd Place

PGFC Coordinator: Mrs. Esther Manzano

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