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Friday, April 25, 2014

Green Meadow School wins big at Forensic

Green Meadow School fielded four of its sixth graders to compete in the National Junior Forensic League held on Oct. 13, 2012, at Chacha Ocean View Junior High School in Kagman. Each of the four contestants participated in at least three events, all with outstanding results. Indeed, big wins by a tiny group!

The school’s management, parents, teachers, friends, and supporters congratulate Pionnah Rosej Gregorio, Joseph Francis Yanto, Kris Angelo Talens, and En Ming Cacdac for another outstanding performance! Thanks to GMS teachers, staff and parents who assisted and supported the contestants.

* Pionnah Rosej Gregorio, first place, Dramatic Interpretation B
* Joseph Francis Yanto, first place, Poetry A
* Joseph Francis Yanto, second place, Dramatic Interpretation A
* Kris Angelo Talens, second place, Humorous Interpretation A
* En Ming Cacdac, third place, Humorous Interpretation A
* Pionnah Rosej Gregorio and Joseph Francis Yanto, third place, Duo Interpretation A
* En Ming Cacdac and Kris Angelo Talens, third place, Duo Interpretation B
* En Ming Cacdac, fourth place, Poetry A
* Pionnah Rosej Gregorio, fourth place, Poetry B
* Kris Angelo Talens, fifth place, Prose A
* Kris Angelo Talens and En Ming Cacdac, fifth place, Duo Interpretation A

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