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Monday, April 21, 2014

GCA celebrates Missions Week by praying for Kenya

Empty Vessel’s Rose Smith, left, joins students of Grace Christian Academy celebrate Missions Week in October by dressing up in Kenyan costumes. (Contributed Photo) Grace Christian Academy students celebrate Missions Week every year in October. The students choose countries to pray for and learn about missions work in those countries, including the island of Saipan. During Missions Week, GCA students dress in the costumes of the country they are praying for and have activities for the public, parents, and students to participate in.

This year the school’s K-4 students chose to pray for Kenya, and the GCA student contributed $200 to support seven orphans and street children through their donation to the Empty Vessel Ministry Foundation.

Empty Vessel cares for and educates 34 children in Kenya, 10 in the Philippines, and two in Bangladesh. Sixty-one women also have benefited from a table banking loan program in Kenya where women borrow as little as $20 to start a small business to help themselves and their families. On Saipan, the ministry supports families in need by providing basic needs, such as school supplies given to children who are in need.

“Overall, it was very exciting to see young students dress in Kenya costumes at GCA. These students also presented a verse in Swahili and also danced a Kenyan song,” said Empty Vessel’s Rose Smith. “Thank you K-4 students, GCA administration, teachers, students, and parents for thinking about Kenya, and we at Empty Vessel sincerely appreciate your love and support for our mission work.” (PR)

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