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Thursday, April 24, 2014


Congratulations to GCA NJFL/NFL winners

Grace Christian Academy’s NJFL October winners have their picture taken inside the GCA campus. (Contributed Photo) NATIONAL JUNIOR FORENSIC LEAGUE

Extemporaneous Speech
Mina Ito, 1st Place

Original Oratory
Mina Ito, 1st Place

Poetry Reading Masters A
Yu Jin Lee, 3rd Place

Poetry Reading Masters B
Robert Marmito, 2nd Place
Cyril Salcedo, 3rd Place

Poetry Reading C
Angela Marie Tan, 2nd Place
Amy Sim, 3rd Place
Ben Seo, 5th Place

Prose Reading Masters A
Dianne Arnold, 3rd Place

Prose Reading Masters B
Yu Jin Lee, 1st Place

Prose Reading A
Tina Choi, 1st Place

Story Telling
Melody Woo, 2nd Place

Duo Interpretation A
Peggy Pixley, 2nd Place
Dianne Arnold, 2nd Place

Francis Joseph Dalusung, 4th Place
Noah Camacho, 4th Place

Duo Interpretation B
Cyril Salcedo, 1st Place
Robert Marmito, 1st Place

Amy Sim, 4th Place
Ben Seo, 4th Place

Impromptu Speech A
Francis Joseph Dalusung, 3rd Place
Dianne Arnold, 4th Place
Noah Camacho, 5th Place


Prose Reading Masters A
Jimaela Ham, 1st Place

Prose Reading A
Rebekah Kim, 1st Place

Story Telling
Dong Ha Lee, 1st Place

Impromptu Speech A
Angela Mamaril, 1st Place
Terence Ho, 4th Place

Impromptu Speech B
Kayla Sasaki, 3rd Place

U.S. Extemporaneous Speech
Angela Mamaril, 2nd Place

Duo Interpretation A
Terence Ho, 1st Place
Dong Ha Lee, 1st Place

Jimaela Ham, 2nd Place
Rebekah Kim, 2nd Place

NJFL/NFL Coordinator: Ami Joy Danganan

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