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Saturday, April 19, 2014


Education chief to students: ‘You are our bosses’

TINIAN—The impressive and increasing academic performance of public school students say much of how they spend most of their school year.

Their achievements also speak of how parents played key roles in classroom learning, complementing teachers and, as a whole, the Public School System’s direction for growth in student learning.

The Public School System throughout the years has grown into a “community of learners,” education leaders, policymakers and parents themselves acknowledged. For them, the way student learn has “become a way of life.”

On Tuesday, students, teachers, and staff briefly put aside their classroom and schoolwork to celebrate Education Day here on Tinian. For the nearly 700 students, school personnel, and PSS and Board of Education leaders, Tuesday’s special ceremony celebrated education and the contributions of students, teachers and staff, and parents in public education.

“Thank you everyone for all that you do to make public education the best institution of learning [that we have in the Commonwealth]. Your collective effort has helped the growth in learning that our children enjoy today,” Board of Education Tinian member Lucia Blanco-Maratita told the huge crowd gathered at the sprawling grounds of TJSHS.

Education Commissioner Rita A. Sablan flew in yesterday with her leadership team to join the simple yet fun-filled celebration that was jointly put together by the students and school personnel of TJSHS and Tinian Elementary School.

It was a remarkable event that the education chief herself noted how the school district’s work to continuously improve classroom learning and teaching have been guided by the desire and willingness of students to learn.

“You are our bosses. We answer to all of you,” Sablan said, adding, “We at PSS and the State Board always put student learning our priority. It is about education—and why it matters most to our children.”

Sablan also took the occasion to hail the significant learning growth through the many improvements and innovations that made its way into classrooms over the years.

“Your BOE member from Tinian [Lucia Blanco-Maratita] has continuously advocated for equity; the equitable distribution of learning opportunities and resources. And I am proud to say that we have come a long way in ensuring that all of you are given the best opportunities while in school,” the education chief told students.


Blanco-Maratita, Education Sablan, PSS’ leadership team and principals Eric San Nicolas and Dionne Santos led the presentation of special recognition and citations to a handful of school personnel whose contributions this past year impacted student learning.

For TJSHS, Regina C. Palacios was named Teacher of the Year; Janice C. Cruz was named Teacher Aide of the Year; 1st Sgt. Joe T. King was hailed as Instructor of the Year. Maggie Rit A. Patio is Support Staff of the Year and Mario Alo is Maintenance of the Year.

Jennifer San Nicolas, who was named Teacher of the Year, led Tinian Elementary School honorees.

She is joined by Terry Sanchez Lazaro as Teacher Aide of the Year; Carmen Farrell as Support Staff of the Year (Administrative Service) along with Julita Diaz for Trades and Maintenance and Victor Linan for Pupil Transportation.

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