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Sunday, April 20, 2014

A victorious day for Golden Harvest at PGFC

Goden Harvest International School’s PGFC winners pose in their Halloween costumes. (Contributed Photo) It was a victorious day for Golden Harvest International School participants and coaches when 90 percent of their participants won in every category in the Primary Grade Forensic Competition Contest. The PGFC was held at Mount Carmel School on Nov. 17, 2012.

“So far, this PGFC that our school has participated showed a large turnout of winners. We admire the speaking skills of our students and their confidence. This PGFC not only boosts the quality of life for our children but for parents as well,” said GHIS principal Marilyn T. Divino. “It is a huge accomplishment for our students. I thank all the students, parents, and especially the teachers-coaches for displaying professionalism and teamwork.”


-1st, Choral Speaking-K-5: Mia Ysabel Abuan, Kaithlyn Chavez, Tamia Hix, Nicole Erin Mariano, and Breana Patawaran

-1st, HI- 2nd gr., Christine Caluya

-1st, CH RF-1st gr., Jesse Jack Stole

-2nd, Choral Speaking, 2nd gr.: Marlon Pineda, Amber Sureta, and Daniel Josh Gonzales

-3rd, Choral Speaking, 2nd gr.: Christine Caluya, Kyle Caraig, Erin Mae Tam, and Tyana Hix

-3rd, HI: John Paul Labadan

-3rd, DUO: Tamia Lei Hix and Kaithlyn Andrei Chavez

-4th, HI: Mark Jainier Chavez

-4th, Impromptu: Erin Mae Tam

-5th, Duo: Rainier Solis and Sohgo Honda

-5th, DI: Nicole Erin Mariano


-1st, Choral Speaking: Marionne Corpuz, Davean Gonzales, John Isaac San Nicolas, and Vince Philip Salvador

-2nd, DI: Davean Gonzales, 5th gr.

-3rd: Duo: Vince Philip Salvador and John Isaac San Nicolas

-3rd: Choral Speaking, 3rd gr.: Aaron Ignacio, Raesyl Solis, Sebastian Bernardo, Michelle Leon Guerrero, and Shu Qui Wu

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