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Friday, April 18, 2014


Big win for GCA K-12 students

For the fourth time, Grace Christian Academy competitors were consistent in bagging the most first place awards in the last Primary Grades Forensic Conference qualifying monthly competition held at Hopwood Junior High School on Feb. 9, 2013. They got a total of seven first-place-per-event awards for their kindergarten to 5th grade competitors.

GCA students did the same thing in the first of two monthly qualifying competitions of Math Court for kindergarten to 5th grade. GCA K-5 mathletes won seven first-place awards from the competition held at Koblerville Elementary School on Feb. 2, 2013.

For the higher grades, GCA 6th-8th grade competitors also did well in the NJFL competition as well as the 9th-12th grades in NFL competition during the third monthly qualifying rounds held at Garapan Elementary School on Jan. 26, 2013.

The administration, faculty and staff, and parents of Grace Christian Academy are very proud of each student and would like to extend their congratulations to the following winners and everyone who participated in these islandwide competitions.

Kindergarten -5th Grade


Impromptu Speaking A
Briston James Jones, 1st place
Julianna Rue Magtalas, 2nd place
Alana Carrasco, 4th place

Impromptu Speaking B
Makena Carrasco, 1st place
Deancey Chua, 2nd place
Kei Lizama, 3rd place
Ryan Daproza, 4th place
Sara Elizabeth Keaton, 5th place

Dramatic Interpretation A
Steven Adriatico, 2nd place

Duo Interpretation A
Julianna Rue Magtalas, 2nd place
Eunice Nicole Pagaduan, 2nd place
Katelyn Mafnas, 4th place
Elialyn Maria Naputi, 4th place

Readers Forum Masters A
Steven Adriatico, 1st place
Ryan Daproza, 5th place

Readers Forum Masters B
Mikaelah Owens, 2nd place
Sara Elizabeth Keaton, 5th place

Choral Speaking A
Kimberly Jean Buan, 3rd place
Alana Carrasco, 3rd place
Briston James Jones, 3rd place
Lance Andrei Lerio, 3rd place
Eunice Nicole Pagaduan, 3rd place

Impromptu Speaking A
Elijah Joshua Pajarillaga, 1st place
Heather Angel Pangilinan, 2nd place
Na Lee Lee, 3rd place
Clerisse Llanah Dacumos, 5th place

Impromptu Speaking B
Jonathan Lee, 1st place
Jim Michael Ham, 2nd place
Elliot Lee, 3rd place
Noah Mesa, 4th place

Reader’s Forum Masters A
Julia Kim, 4th place
James Alexander Keaton, 5th place

Reader’s Forum Masters B
Heather Angel Pangilinan, 1st place
Tae Yong Kim, 3rd place
Jaiden Kayla Sabugo, 4th place
Jim Michael Ham, 5th place
Reader’s Forum Masters D
Gianpaolo Borromeo, 1st place
Jonathan Lee, 3rd place
Jimin Woo, 4th place
Elliot Lee, 5th place

Duo Interpretation A
Jimin Woo, 5th place
Karissa Roselyn Quichocho, 5th place

Humorous Interpretation A
Gianpaolo Borromeo, 4th place
Tae Yong Kim, 5th place

Volunteer Judges: Beatrice Fatialofa, Rowena Libut, Paulo Montecarlo,
Emman Parian, Glenn Keaton
PGFC coordinator: Esther Manzano

Kindergarten- 5th Grade

Julianna Rue Magtalas, 1st place
Katelyn Mafnas, 1st place
Tae Hee Kim, 1st place
Lance Andrei Lerio, 2nd place

First Grade
Sara Elizabeth Keaton, 1st place
Juruel Neilan Magtalas, 2nd place
Aaron Chen, 3rd place

Second Grade
Ryan Daproza, 1st place
Jin Hwan Yoon, 3rd place

Third Grade
Clerisse Llanah Dacumos, 1st place
Miku Kimura, 1st place
James Alexander Keaton, 2nd place

Fourth Grade
Gianpaolo Borromeo, 1st place
Elijah Joshua Pajarillaga, 4th place

Third Grade

Tae Yong Kim, 3rd place

Math Court coordinator:
Susan Pajarillaga


Extemporaneous Speech
Minna Ito, 1st place

Original Oratory
Minna Ito, 2nd place
Poetry Reading Masters A
Yujin Lee, 2nd place
Robert Marmito, 3rd place

Poetry Reading Masters B
Cyril Salcedo, 4th place

Poetry Reading B
Alyssa Jean Pantaleon, 4th place

Prose Reading Masters A
Yujin Lee, 1st place
Dianne Arnold, 2nd place

Prose Reading Masters B
Tina Choi, 3rd place
Alyssa Jean Pantaleon, 5th place

Prose Reading Masters C
Alyssa Jade Nunez, 5Place

Duo Interpretation A
Cyril Salcedo, 5th place
Robert Marmito, 5th place

Duo Interpretation B
Dianne Arnold, 4th place
Peggy Pixley, 4th place

Impromptu Speech A
Dianne Arnold, 4th place


Dramatic Interpretation A
Rebekah Kim, 1st place

Dramatic Interpretation B
Kayla Sasaki, 2nd place

Duo Interpretation A
Rebekah Kim, 4th place
Jimaela Ham, 4th place

Poetry Reading Masters A
Rebekah Kim, 3rd place
Kayla Sasaki, 4th place

Poetry Reading Masters B
Angela Mamaril, 1st place

Prose Reading Masters B
Jimaela Ham, 1st place

U.S. Extemporaneous Speech
Angela Mamaril, 2nd place

Commentary A
Angela Mamaril, 3rd place

NJFL/NFL coordinator:
Ami Joy Danganan

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