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Monday, April 21, 2014

KHS imposes new policy on absenteeism

Attendance data for Kagman High School shows that absenteeism is on the rise compared to last school year. For this school year, 2012-2013, the average rise in absenteeism is 4 percent. Although 4 percent does not seem like a big number, this translates into about 25 more students absent on average daily compared to last school year.

Student absences for December 2012 were 14.5 percent. This is over 90 students absent daily for the month. This is double the previous years December average of only 7.7 percent or about 48 students. KHS has to wonder what is going on to have such a rise in absenteeism.

Did you know your attendance in high school can predetermine the success you have during and after high school? Truancy is said to be caused by a combination of three factors: the student, the student’s family, or the school. Whatever the causes are, the consequences are dire. It is because of these consequences that KHS takes attendance or lack of attendance so seriously.

Kagman High School’s objective is to prepare students for the real world. Part of this preparation is preparing students to be responsible citizens who contribute to society. Part of that objective is preparing students for the workforce. Every employer will agree that one of the most important aspects of an employee’s work is their time and attendance. We like to think of KHS as practice for the real world. In the real world, you lose your job if you have poor attendance. Because KHS realizes attendance is very important to your future, the following policy will be enforced:

* Any student coming to school late three days or more each week will be assigned work detail for every day they are late. (If you sign in at the front gate you are already late and are on my list. Sign in at the gate three days in one week you will get work detail.)

* Any student who chooses to skip Homeroom three days or more each week will be assigned work detail for every day they skipped.

* Any student who skips work detail will be assigned double their work detail sentence. Five days becomes 10 days.

* Any student, who skips work detail a second time, will be sent to the ALT ED for three days. No exceptions. (KHS)

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