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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Messed up

Why is that our own people couldn’t get a job while outsiders are the ones fixing the roads? I visited Saipan back in August of this year and I noticed that a lot of our men couldn’t get a job even if they’re capable of doing what these foreign workers are doing now. It seems that the government is so messed up because they’d rather see our own people living on the street or have each individual beg for a job so they can support their families to survive. You wonder why poverty is rapidly rising but it is because of our officials’ ignorance and their freaking prides to admit and face our people to apologize for their mistakes and fix it. Everyone who works in government is getting richer because they are ripping off their own people and the poor are just getting poorer.

Adelina Arriola Ibanez
Montgomery, Maryland

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