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Thursday, April 17, 2014


Name: Diana Maniacop
Age Group: U15
Team: Shirley’s FC
Position: Striker
Jersey No.: #24
Years of Playing Experience: 4 years
Village: Chalan Kiya
School: Hopwood Junior High School
Grade: 7th
Favorite Player or Team: Chelsea

Q: How did you become interested in football?
It all started when I was 8 years old. One of my cousins encouraged me and my brother to play soccer, so we joined our school’s soccer games. I enjoyed my first few games, so I decided to join a club, the Tan Holdings FC, and then I moved to Shirley’s FC.

Q: Why do you like to play football?
I like to play football because it helps me stay mentally and physically fit. I also learn teamwork and sportsmanship, which can be applied not only during games, but also in our daily activities.

Q: What are your greatest football achievements?
Aside from getting a Golden Boot award and making it to the Best 9 in the girls U15 league, I had the privilege of representing the CNMI in an international tournament in Nanjing, China.

Q: What other message can you share with the football community?
Join football and stay active to combat obesity.

“Diana is made for this sport. Her skill level is higher compared to players in her age group. Her attitude on and off the court is also commendable, as she is a great role model to younger players and her teammates —Diana’s coach Angie Ito.

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