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Monday, April 21, 2014

Trench Warz helps sport of mixed martial arts grow

Fifteen fights will be featured in tomorrow’s “Trench Warz V: Return of the Octagon” at the Taga Hall of the Saipan World Resort. (Shan Seman) For Cuki Alvarez the Trench Warz series helped the sport of mixed martial arts grow in the CNMI.

The Trench Warz coordinator said the sport immediately earned a fan base since they started with Trench Warz Fight Night on Nov. 26, 2005.

“The sport has grown tremendously by leaps and bounds since ‘Trench Warz I’. I was surprised by the support and interest shown by the fans,” said Alvarez.

Alvarez said aside from “Trench Warz V: Return of the Octagon,” they are also planning three more MMA fights this year.

“We plan to hold one fight for every three months. To give the fighters the chance to prove their skills during their months of training.”

Alvarez added they would also hold a second “Rites of Passage” in April to give opportunity for new fighters to gain experience in a real fight.

The first Rites of Passage event was held in December last year at the Trench Tech Purebred Gym behind Moylans Insurance in Garapan.

“Rites of Passage” served as a venue for first-timers and fighters without a win to showcase their skills.

It also served as a stepping-stone for several of the fighters to get invited to earn a slot in future Trench Warz MMA events.

In other news, 15 fights will be featured in tomorrow’s “Trench Warz V: Return of the Octagon” at the Taga Hall of the Saipan World Resort with George “G-Shock” David, 2-0, battling “Kill Bill” Saures of Team Xtreme in the main event.

The 205-lb Saures, who holds a 3-2 win-loss slate, outweighs Trench Tech’s David by 10 lbs. Saures’ previous losses were against Kelvin “The Big Hit” Fitial and Manny Chong.

Universal Reality Combat Championships light-heavyweight champion Frank “The Crank” Camacho will stake his unbeaten 6-0 slate over Guam’s Nathan “The Butcher” Hanson of Kosai Top Team.

The 180-lb. Camacho will have his hands full against Hanson, who is one of Guam’s best-known knockout artist.

Henson holds a 4-1 record earning his lone loss against Wenyu “One Time” Bamba in one of the PXC Preba Hao fights where they almost knockout each other.

Aside from Hanson, Spike 22’s Freddy Cepeda and Eric Cepeda will also be featured in one of the 12 undercard matches.

Freddy Cepeda will face Choke Chain’s Leroy Sablan in the opener. The match is expected to be evenly matched as both fighters tipped the scales at 145 lbs.

While Eric Cepeda, 130 lbs., will clash with Alvin Buekis, who weighed in at 135 lbs.

Other featured matches will be between Waldron “Tunz” Ngotel of Trench Tech and Zalaka’s Edward Guia; Trench Tech’s James Blas and Gracie Barra’s John Borja; Ken “Kamikaze” Tanzawa of Trench Tech and Zalaka’s Donnie Fejeran; Trench Tech’s Jason “Rush” Tarkong and Robert Palacios; Jay “Furbs” Santos of Trench Tech and Jay Tilipao of Choke Chain; Zogai’s Victorino Igitol and Sichay Aldan; Giovanni “Palaksi” Sablan of Trench Tech and Manny Laniyo of Team Grave; Out Reyes’ John Ngeskebie and Choke Chain’s Jerome Norita; Trench Tech’s Slade “Rage” Adelbai and Independent fighter Tony Robert; Fitial and Choke Chain’s Nelson Z. Saimon; and Luka Iakapuo and Roy Reyes.

A kickboxing match between Jose Mafnas and Chris Sablan is also scheduled for Saturday’s “Trench Warz V.”

Fans will also get a chance to fight inside the Octagon when two lucky Trench Warz series followers will go head-to-head in the side event dubbed the “Battle of the Fans”.

“Trench Warz V” organizers will pick two contestants from the crowd that will have the chance to fight inside the Octagon using specially designed gloves.

The winner gets $300 cash while the loser earns $200.

Those who purchase a ticket for the fight on Saturday are automatically qualified in the battle of the fans. Fans can buy raffle tickets, which costs $1 each, on the day of the fight to improve their chances of winning.

Contest rules will follow three one-minute rounds where a knockout rule will be followed. If the fight goes the whole three rounds the fans will judge on who will be the winner.

The event, a fundraiser of Trench Tech Purebred Gym, is sponsored by Godfather’s Bar.

Alvarez would also like to thank Budweiser, Power 99, The Rock, Pacific Telecom Inc., Jonny’s Bar, Furusato, Godfather’s, Budget Tent-A-Car, Aquarius Beach Towers, Elite Printing, Master Construction, Island Equipment Rental, Fokai Industries, and Hagu Next Sports Nutrition. (JVP)

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