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Friday, April 18, 2014

Saipan hosts ‘Ang Dating Daan’ at the World Resort

For the first time, the Saipan chapter of the Members of the Church of God International participated live in the Worldwide Bible Exposition last Tuesday at the Royal Taga Hall of World Resort. (Contributed Photo) For the first time, the Saipan chapter of the Members of the Church of God International participated live in the Worldwide Bible Exposition last Tuesday at the Royal Taga Hall of World Resort.

The Members of the Church of God International is a Philippine-based Christian denomination that is widely known for its multimedia program, Ang Dating Daan or The Old Path.

The Worldwide Bible Exposition was hosted by presiding minister Eliseo Soriano, famously known as Bro. Eli, and vice presiding minister Daniel Razon.

Church worker Leonard Legaspi told Saipan Tribune that the Worldwide Bible Exposition involved all six chapters of the Members of the Church of God International in the Philippines through videoconferencing.

Through the videoconference, Soriano and Razon answered questions about faith and religion posed by the participants. All their answers were derived from the Bible, said Legaspi.

Legaspi said the Worldwide Bible Exposition is held every Tuesday and engages the involvement of their international chapters, which take turn participating in the conference.

According to Legaspi, The Old Path aims “to propagate the Word of God, walang kulang at walang labis na Salita ng Diyos.”

Legaspi said the event was “very successful” since it drew the participation of both members and non-members alike.

He said they advertised the event through radio, television, and print ads, including motorcades, to encourage more people to hear and learn the Word of God through the exposition.

About 120 non-members and 27 members attended the exposition, which lasted until 1am (11pm Manila time), said Legaspi.

He said most of the non-member visitors are already listeners or viewers of The Old Path, which airs from 8:30pm to 9:30pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday and 9pm to 10pm on Wednesday.

Among the non-member attendees, seven attended the mass indoctrination held Thursday, he said.

A free health screening, in collaboration with the Wise Women Village Project of the Department of Health, was also conducted at the venue before the start of the Bible exposition.

Dr. Gary Ramsey, medical director of the Wise Women Village Project, administered the free screening of blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol, along with two nurses who are members of the church.

Legaspi said those who turned out to have high blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels were referred to Pacific Medical Center for free until Aug. 31.

Those who availed of the health screening were given free shirts, while participants of the Worldwide Bible exposition who stayed until the end were each given a free Bible.

Legaspi encourages everyone on Saipan to watch The Old Path or watch their streaming videos.

“Most of us are busy with work but we must remember that, as said in the Bible, man does not live on bread alone. We also need spiritual guidance. It’s time that we set aside a moment to read the Bible and learn about what it can teach us,” he said.

Legaspi said everyone is welcome to join them in their Bible study in Unit #2 Saipan Plaza Building, next to Health Line on Middle Road.

You can also visit www.livestream.com/elisoriano every Thursday, www.esoriano.wordpress.com, www.untvweb.com, www.justin.tv/elisoriano.com, www.truthcaster.tv, or www.theoldpath.com.

For more information, call 233-0464, text 789-3320, or email top2010_saipan@yahoo.com.

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