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Friday, April 25, 2014

Bayani takes part in SCC’s Cash for Trash

Members of Bayani Association pose for a group photo following their cleanup activity on Sept. 22 for the Cash for Trash Program of the Saipan Chamber of Commerce. (Contributed Photo) The Bayani Association received $200 from the Saipan Chamber of Commerce last Wednesday after taking part in the Cash for Trash Program.

SCC’s Cash for Trash Program enables community and student groups on island to raise money for their causes by participating in cleanup activities on sites designated by the Chamber and provided for by donor companies.

Lolly Velasco, Bayani Association president, said yesterday that some 20 members of their group picked up trash from the Minatchom Atdao pavilion to the Saipan World Resort last Sept. 22.

“We decided to participate in the Cash for Trash Program to raise funds for our two student beneficiaries in the Tuloy Aral Program,” she told Saipan Tribune.

Tuloy-Aral (continuing education) is a program launched in December 2004 by the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration to help children of former overseas Filipino workers go to elementary and high school in the Philippines.

Velasco said the $200 will cover the amount needed by two beneficiaries. Each sponsor donates $100 for every scholar.

“The Cash for Trash Program is also a good opportunity to give back to the island community. We thank the Saipan Chamber of Commerce for allowing us to be a part of their worthwhile program,” she added.

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