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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Filipinos on Tinian form new group

Filipinos on Tinian have come together to form a new organization, the United Filipinos in Tinian.

Currently having 70 members, Unifil is a non-profit organization aiming to establish closer ties among Filipinos in the island and conduct volunteer work that will benefit its members and the Tinian community.

The group was established April 11, 2006 and conducted an induction ceremony for its newly elected officers and board of directors last Saturday, May 26, 2006.

First Lady Josie P. Fitial was the guest speaker.

“I’m very happy to see a group like yours on Tinian—an active group dedicated to helping each other and to supporting our local community. I sincerely believe that the services and the volunteer work that you provide to the Tinian Filipino community are very valuable, and perhaps even as valuable or even more valuable than some of the services provided by government. I say this because I strongly believe in the power of private associations to effect change and provide mutual support to its membership.

“This is really a bright spot for the CNMI, where we have many private non-profit groups and associations like your own. It’s important to continue to have these mutual aid societies where members can network with each other and share valuable information to assist the membership,” Fitial told the Unifil members.

Unifil is led by president Corazon T. Cepeda, vice president Conrado T. Libut, secretary Rodney S. Cabarles, treasurer Sonia Pascua, auditor Fely M. Almogela, business manager Mary Susan M. Cruz, and public relation officers Yolanda L. Barcinas and Jun B. Bugarin.

The board of directors includes Cepeda, who also serves as chairwoman, and members Lemuel C. Arabelo, Rolly B. Bugarin, Librada D. Cruz, Violeta Guiao, Antonio C. Kuan, and Leonardo Pascua.

Unifil has two advisers: Fr. Ambet Dela Cruz and Fausto Supnet.

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