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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Gov. shifts, preaches unity

Strange bedfellows are on TV (Republicans) explaining the essence of unity, singing “United We Stand” (UWS). It also has garden-variety candidates who’ve learned servility parroting UWS.

Gov. Fitial pitches unity after championing disunity; governor “pretty darn good” (Babauta) espouses the same, ignoring that the GOP failed the CNMI on economic recovery that started with his charge or a former speaker who’s learned how to pronounce the word “collaborative.” The collective weak-kneed pitch on unity is comically incongruent, derisory, and oxymoronic!

Unless GOP servile cohorts are suffering from voluntary amnesia, if not dyslexia, did they forget that about 20 or so years ago Gov. Fitial abandoned Republicans and formed the Covenant Party? Didn’t he dump the Covenant Party just last year to rejoin Republicans, triggering further disunity upon taking over the helm? It prompted the formation of Independent Republicans! Why the narcissistic demeanor, sir?

After destroying unity in all three camps he now sings “United We Stand.” After he’s championed disunity himself? Did we miss something here? What unity, sir? You just confirmed an endemic specialty known as “polished deceit,” vividly and indelibly imprinted in the minds of voters! Perhaps you and minions have been so inebriated with power and abusive tendencies as to ignore that we also deserve respect. Respect, sir, is earned!

Indeed, you narrowly missed impeachment, crowned by your servile 10 Republican legislators who even included political beatification. Don’t you think voters are sufficiently intelligent to know that you and your minions prepared for the destruction of the economic future of their children by handing them a monstrosity of some $2.3-billion power plant debt? Recalled President Reagan saying something most fitting, “In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.”

The economic meltdown is another that you’ve bluffed with ad hoc planning. How come you never had any seriously considered socio-economic plan (blueprint) to rebuild the foundations of these isles? Why the adolescency as to ignore the most productive sector of the local economy known as private industries? Why cherry pick investors as to ward off pioneering investors from Japan? Is this the quiet though hugely negative policy of your administration?


Would taxpayers be free from paying $40,000 each in additional taxes annually when the NMI begins paying for the new power plant deal of $2.3 billion? It’s in the hands of the court.

It’s a contract riddled with inconsistency, incoherence, and deception signed, sealed, and delivered by the incumbent Republican administration.

The administration said the $190.8-million contract would reduce the cost of utilities by as low as 18 cents per kilowatt-hour. CUC’s power plant manager disputed the governor’s assertion, saying it will never go down as explained “even with the best diesel engines.” It means the cost would be the same as it is today and would increase as time progresses. So what’s the plus side of this wishful deal for taxpayers?

Interestingly, the governor never rectified his misrepresentation. The power plant manager unequivocally clarified that the total deal—based on a 25-year repayment schedule—amounts to $2.3 billion. It takes courage to gun down the governor’s holster from his hip. But CUC’s expert did it in straightforward fashion too. Why the reticence, governor?

One could conclude that the governor must have uttered a silent sigh of relief when he narrowly dodged the bullet of impeachment. Nonetheless, the impeachment hearing focused primarily on the power plant contract. It revealed a certain pattern of abuse and violation of laws or steady drift from the confines of the Constitution. Materials secured are no rocket scientist stuff. Any intelligent person could connect the dots and make his own conclusions.

Economy on artificial respiration

Public mistrust took a meteoric flight where most folks no longer could place their future in the hands of this administration that has trashed trust and slaughtered hope. What evolves from the mounting discontent should show its true colors in 2013.

People only wanted good governance whose treasured trust has been sapped with impunity by pervasive corruption under this administration! Intuitively, our people know the CNMI is stuck in a woefully protracted economic gloom and placed on artificial respiration. What’s our future under this case scenario?

Hardball in Washington

Candidates engage in polished public relations stunts detailing their plans, including promises of what we must do, though their rationalizations are all wrong.

The non-voting delegate’s race isn’t an exception. The challenger feels she has sound ideas on representation. It’s good rhetoric, though I’m equally realistic of the real environment in Washington politics.

The clever paradigm would have been to shift the conversation to such issues as the creation of the “administrative state,” the entire country being run on thousands of regulations rather than by laws. This wasn’t what the founding fathers had in mind. It would have revealed the substance the two candidates are made of as they slug it out on the trail.

What’s wrong with the “administrative state”? The Obama administration has issued the most number of regulations in the last several years. It included the creation of agencies charged with the writing of regulations that aren’t subject to judicial review or congressional oversight.

The people who would run these agencies are folks we’ve never even met nor authorized to represent our interests via the consent of the governed. Their obvious specialty is on regulations often designed to destroy wealth and jobs creation.

The value of representation isn’t founded on sucking every entitlement benefits manufactured under Obama’s charge. Nor must we be servile by allowing regulators to rule over the elected representatives of the people.

It’s about fully considered policies to restoring the pride, industry, hope, and resiliency of our people across the land so they exit the nether world of government dependency. It’s our freedom versus permanent ruin by relying on handouts from the feds. I’m still convinced in the former principle.

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