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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My vote

On my way into the grocery store, a shopper asked, “Sir, who would you vote for tomorrow?” I politely skirted the issue, given that it’s strictly personal. He rambled on that he wasn’t voting Republican. At least he got that part of the puzzle solved.

Time permitting, I would have explained myself, not to appease anyone but to illuminate my thoughts and its relationship with the history of familial discipline and values conveyed to us by our parents. Our old folks worked so hard and made it through sheer determination to succeed as rugged individuals. It is the time-honored wisdom that they’ve conveyed to us that we must honor, especially when tasked with forging the future of our children. This comes tomorrow, Nov. 6.

Recalled as a kid, I would visit my grandma (father’s side). I gravitated to and was enamored by her industry, humility, patience, compassion, love, and respect, however destitute. Whenever we meet, she’d bless me by rubbing a cross on my forehead with her right thumb. It was in our prayers together that I found my anchor or sense of spiritual purpose during my formative years.

Grandma was rugged and fierce. I would watch her cook on the wooden stove, astonished as she moved wood around with her hands impervious to fire and hot pots. She raised my dad as a single mom and built her life without handouts but with single-minded determination. She never used a pillow when she retires at night; instead she crosses her arm, hums a lullaby, and slowly drifts into a restful sleep.

Living a resourceful life, through hard and trying conditions, she’s done menial jobs with families who could afford to pay her to do laundry until she puts them on hangers before heading home for the day. It was her ruggedness upon which I learned how one earns his dues. It sufficiently grounded my perception in the essence of hard work that leads to the fulfillment of dreams. So what’s my point?

It’s about values we must protect and constantly nurture in our children, the same way our parents did in our upbringing. It leads prominently to forging good citizenry who have respect for the rule of law and others. It fosters peace and harmony in our community.

Thus, my vote focuses on fostering and securing a stable future for my grandchildren. It’s asinine to kick up dust into their faces then ask if they can still see, nor would it help lying to them with polished deceit that there are three sides to a square. Not ready to saddle them with $40K each for 25 years—debt hailing from the $2.3 billion power plant contract that none of us deserves.

Getting rid of the power plant deal and the person who signed it is the only sure way to paving, protecting, ensuring, and forging a brighter future for our children. Must clear the tired Republican platform of persistent demagoguery that has sent many families to sink involuntarily and forcibly into the pits of misery. No more glorification of its persistent failure in nearly every sector of life in the NMI. Enough Is Enough! No Mas!

Futuron Famaguonta

Agupa’ na ha’ane siempre un’ eksisia direchomu man-bota kandidatu siha ni magahet muna’ siña i man-sustansiau siha na che’chu’ linahyan.

Lau pa’gu na biahimu para i sagan botasion pot futuron famaguonmu i gaige gi puntan lapesmu. Estague’ impottansiaña agupa’ na ha’anen botasion. Pot famaguonta este na eleksion.

Hu diseseha na ti un’ repite yan i dumestrosia futtunan famaguonta ta’lu. Hanau fan bota sin Republican. Dispues, diñgu i lugat botasion sin Republican. Ti un’ miresi rumepite linala’ miserable pot man-finatsun republican.

Na’ bali botumu na biahe. Para todu animumu pot nesessidat familiamu atan kau magahet na guaha adelantu gi kualidat linala’mu na tiempu. Kau un’ mirese mayogua gi halom guafen miserable?

Areglon futtunan famaguonta gaige gi puntan lapesmu. Pot primet biahe hassu fietmente i lina’la’ niha sa’ mamirese mas ma’lag na hinanau kumu famaguonta. Obligasionta umesgaihon kareran niha piot guine gi halom mampos chatsaga na chubaskon diskuidon Republicans. Si Yuus Ma’ase`!

Guerun chada’

Ti presisu na un’ kanu’ un’ chada’ para un’ tuñgu’ na gueru. Deste chagu’ paguan sa’ sumen mutuñg. Nahuñg pauña ya tat presisu na para un’ atrebi hau chumochu mutuñg gueru.

Haf’ este na dusena pot dusena na chada’ gueru ni para un’ fana’ na biahen eleksion. Un’ ñgiñgiñge’ fotten mutuñg lau ti un’ tuñgu’ manu gi halom ‘nos kuantos dusena i man-gueru.

Lau hatguatu sa’ siempre un’ ñgiñge’ manu gueru gi halom kahitan chada’. Muñga ma-atrebi hau gumulusune binenu na mutuñg gueru!

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