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Monday, April 21, 2014

GOP suffers crushing defeat

There was an ominous aura all throughout the week of the crushing defeat of Republicans, replicating its own record of total defeat in the 1979 mid-term elections.

Stunning the achievement of Independent Republicans: 12 for 12, a commanding lead that came from voters whose verdict unmistakably confirms a strong mandate to restore trust and the rule of law in government. It’s a decision rendered with finality.

With the pleasantries of victory, the Independent Republicans are ready to offer its Republican nemesis the olive branch: a choice of homogenized, pasteurized or silk milk. It now begins alliance with Covenant Party leadership and victors to organize the Legislature for 2013. Losers, don’t fret, your fate was decided by your ill-fated choices. The Voices for the Future feels otherwise!

Clearly, folks shifted gears in a major shuffle for something beyond the usual demagoguery and the apparent obesity of “do-nothing” officials in public office. It was a crucial vote that went in favor of “We The People…” Not ready for more of the governor’s antics when charm turns into devious manipulation, when self-confidence escalates to grandiosity or arrogance, when polished deceit morphs and grows into pathological lies, when tough-mindedness devolves into cruelty, and when negligence slides into foolish impulsiveness.

As the tide of the election subsides, the tide of impeachment intensifies. Independent Republicans have 12 members plus four Covenant. The House only needs 14 to impeach the governor. Brace for some colorful and explosive fireworks beginning January of 2013. Hope the GOP doesn’t engage in bribery (vote buying) to derail the organizational efforts of principled victors. Divine providence has heard the voice of the tired faithful and was generous to their desire for something better than misery, the sterling crown of the GOP.

The tide of this mid-term elections will recede into history, though it would be boldly marked by the powerful desire of voters to root out corruption in government. This mid-term elections also ends the era for old warriors who’ve lost the pulse of their community. Like everything else, there’s the beginning and the end. This is the end! The crushing defeat is a clear tale.


2012: It’s all about trust

Trust is the most invaluable asset for any leader. Politicians promise it every campaign season. It’s up to them to keep and build upon it or slip into the filthy trail of lies. It’s a virtue that must be earned and re-earned everyday; it’s hard to regain once lost.

You lose the people’s trust and you’re as good as dirt in the filthy swamp in some marshland nearby. When you’re history, you’re history! This isn’t too hard to understand, is it?

I mean it’s one thing to think you’re LeBron. It’s another thing to keep missing the basket and losing games and still think you’re LeBron. You need to commit to revisiting yourself just to find out if you know yourself to begin with. If you still fail, then your next best bet is the exit door.

Hardship has sharpened people’s anxieties and frustration, especially when each day is another dreaded trip to the dungeons of misery. How do you take a clear view of the future when this administration just doesn’t share the urgency of people’s most immediate concerns—jobs, the economy, healthcare, fiscal cliff, or bankruptcy and a tsunami of vicious hardship at the entry door of misery in lower than abject poverty?

How does the governor persuade taxpayers of his polished deceit in the hideous and repulsive power plant agreement that adds up to $2.3 billion over a 25-year period? Why place a heavier burden on taxpayers who hardly make ends meet these days? Both the deal and dealer must go in 2013!

Too, does this administration have any rock solid plans to resuscitate the Fund? What about the economic disaster? Isn’t this the sector so direly needed to spur wealth and jobs creation? Why the grand negligence? Or is its cherry picking of investors the policy today? Isn’t this the major reason that triggered the exodus of foreign capital in recent years? Why the fully calibrated devious agenda and dishonesty?

But what really went wrong that resulted in the near complete sweep of Republicans from office? It ignored the principle of being principled in its work. Deviating, it lost sight of the single most important issue on its radar screen: trust. The governor and cohorts gambled with it. It didn’t work! They were given a fiery and crushing rebuke last Tuesday!

Republicans lost the pulse of its people. They ignored the fact that a lot of people are hurting and hurting badly too. Our people want to recapture and rebuild these isles from the ground up. The path of change has descended, though it would be one tough task for this governor to seek peace with his peers, loaded as he is with incendiary and demeaning arrogance.

It’s clear the seed of change has been planted. It has also germinated and is growing into a healthy lush green by the day. Voters planted the permanent “new seeds of change” to ascertain a government of laws far removed from statist tendencies imbedded in the exhausted incumbency. Hence, the governor will not own the room again as he once did. It’s history!

Obviously, this administration has trashed trust and hope. Understandably, voters are only too wary that it’s foolhardy to follow a leader into the unknown for we no longer trust him, his instincts, his antics and choices and values.

Truth matters. Transparency matters. Lies matter. Values matter. With this administration, it is becoming increasingly clear that it knows the exact calibration of political dishonesty and dodging that it can get away with. To Governor Fitial, it’s politics and power that matter most, nothing else. Call it arrogance. “We The People…” have just begun rendering our version of reciprocity to restore a government of laws! And that verdict came with finality!

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