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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Fitial’s lies in perpetuity

It’s was boring listening to Gov. Benigno Fitial tells his life’s history as titular head, seemingly at ease regurgitating lies as his last ditch holy grail to avoid impeachment. But his story came with more feet-to-mouth slam dunks presenting grand demagoguery, only to lamely confirm that he can’t “fool all the people all of the time.”

He looked calm though bewildered during his delivery, perhaps soul-searching, unsuccessfully, how to distinguish fact from fiction, poetry or line, and how to regard the relationship between pseudology—lying as an art—and storytelling.

He should have purchased a machine that can inhibit pseudology, mendacity, and falsehood to domesticate his proclivity for spewing volcanic-like magma of lies. But he was sleek in his usual demeanor, braving more pathological lies with new spins that only he believes. Nice try. But then he’s claimed the wisdom corner reserved solely for Leviathan liars and confirmed, time and again, his obvious lack of integrity in spite of his failed public relations stunt.

Fitial intentionally blamed his legal and technical advisers for his decision on the power plant deal. He was hoping for empathy as he unleashed more lies. He tries to shift public perception from negligence to victimhood. But this effort failed flat on its face given the fact that the public has gotten used to his usual antics—shifting responsibility to his Cabinet—to absolve himself from any legal mess. Oxymoronic, pointing his two fingers at others, completely ignoring that he’s victimized himself with his usual chain of lies as to even ignore that three of his fingers are pointing right back at him.

You made a conscious decision affixing your signature on the contract, sir. Or are you now giving up ownership of your own conscious decision on the matter?

Against the advice of the former AG that included 71 legal anomalies coupled with similar advice from CUC, you decided to sign the contract anyway. Did you forget that they advised against it while you smiled, hoping to tiptoe through the swampy garden of deceit with “just this one time?” Must we believe you, who consciously signed the deal contrary to advice or your advisers who delivered timely recommendations against it? You did the exact opposite, confirming your complete lack of integrity! Don’t you think people have caught up with your arcane and genetically predisposed antics in pseudology?

Failed promises, sir

Now let’s take a quick glimpse at some of Fitial’s recent promises and failure to deliver his now lame or paraplegic “ better times.”

Two years ago, you promised to lower utility rates from $.15 to $.11 per kilowatt-hour. The prevailing rate is now $.31 per kilowatt-hour. Your failure to find other sources of energy has severely and negatively impacted both consumers and private industry here. They are:

1). Consumers have become the indentured slaves of the utility agency who once were scared when darkness hits but are now more fearful when the lights are turned on at night.

2). Foreign capital has taken an exodus to the tune of $7 billion, negatively impacting what is now a cataclysmic or disastrous economy. Obviously, you embraced a “do-nothing” attitude singing “que sera, sera.” And you still have that gigantic appetite to suffocate generations of our children with your new power plant deal?

Sir, you lied about “better times” while hoping for some measure of comfort in “Let It Be.” Sterling performance dragging the livelihood of villagers to subterranean misery! And we thought your miscreant agenda in depravity was done. But you were inebriated by the discovery of power and how easily you could twist the mandates of a government of laws into statist disposition or dictatorship. Please don’t tell us you weren’t the chief architect of obstruction of justice when the former AG left the island.

You also confirm your inability to learn, since your first day in office six years ago, to own up to your responsibility as titular head. But this despicable and unforgiveable behavioral anomaly begins with the self! It would do you good watching the TV ad on quelling family violence where each person, young and old, declares, “Peace begins with me!” In your case, it would have to be, “Integrity begins with me!” How about telling the truth for once, sir?

Demagoguery isn’t leadership

Sad how Fitial has conveniently lost what’s known in modern management as “true north,” celebrating his ascendancy to his post as governor but never taking the time to consider how he got there. Is this why he left the Republicans years ago, formed the Covenant Party, then abandoned it when he did his usual “Daddy’s home to stay”…or leave again?

In short, he was dangerously wobbly at the base and all for “want of more power” as to trash mindfulness of his role as head of this archipelago. Despicable how easily and cheaply he’s trashed the lasting principle of friendship built over a lifetime in favor of diabolical politics. How grandly he’s paid for it too in the decisive and conclusive rebuke of his team last midterm election. Kiss it off, sir! It’s history!

He claims “experienced leadership” but failed to recognize and contain significant revenue losses, pile of debts, and persistent deficit spending under his charge. As though this fiscal colossus (budgetary shortfall of over $250 million) isn’t sufficient, he signed a new power plant deal that would have forced generations of our children to annual debts for quarter of a century of not less than $40,000 per family. Is the denial of posterity’s rights to their economic and other freedoms his glowing trophy as titular head? Is this why he’s trashed the public trust in recent past hoping for better results? Isn’t this desperate behavior what Einstein called insanity?

‘Just this one time’

The former AG doesn’t know the two Scrooges from Saipan Development LLC. In fact, one of them was Fitial’s close friend who worked on his re-election campaign, true? Then who asked the former AG to sign the PPA even with strong opposition and after his legal staff pointed out some 71 legal issues contrary to the interest of the NMI? Didn’t he fall prey to your smooth and greasy assertions dripping with grease from steak and lobster? It’s easy discerning that one of you did the “just this one time” pitch better than the other. You did, sir!

It’s diabolically comical how Fitial now declares he’s learned the importance of transparency after several terms as speaker of the lower chamber and six years as titular head. When he engineered absolving the administration from paying employer’s contribution (totaling over $327 million in unfunded liability) was the decision his or that of his trusted legal and financial advisers? In short, the Fund is basically on its way off the fiscal cliff next year. What would he do to resolve this mess he’s helped bankrupt by avoiding paying the NMI’s employer’s contribution?

Lubricity is the hallmark of Fitial’s administration and when trust is history, what’s there to do other than the glorification of failed leadership? Regurgitating the same pile of lies isn’t the answer either nor would it shield a pattern of asymmetrical statist decisions favoring his minions. It’s time to return the NMI to a government of laws. One grand pathological lie isn’t going to absolve his administration’s use of arrogance, persistent negligence, and complete failure to improve the lot of our people. Why ask us to watch your parade when it has left the parade ground since 2011? Enough is enough! No mas! Resign!

John DelRosario Jr. is a former publisher of the Saipan Tribune and a former secretary of the Department of Public Lands.

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