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Friday, April 25, 2014

Letters to the Editor

An open letter to Mr. Forgetabilia

Recently, an anonymous person made a webpage entitled "Saipan Sucks". Much of what was said is true and is good for all the candidates seeking election this year. We do have all those problems here on the island. However, to criticize one’s culture and home is nothing but mere jealousy.

Saipan is an island in the Western Pacific. It is run by families (only because almost everyone on Saipan is related one way or another.) We do model our government after the United States only because we have a Covenant with the US. In addition, none of the congressmen and senators are lawyers because most of them have degrees in other fields, and we have legal counsels/attorneys general to review such laws before they are introduced.

It is funny though, because you mock our government, but the United States President is being mocked all over the world. Nepotism, I know were you got that from. You read it in the papers. It was about an employee at CUC. But, you did not do your homework, because nepotism is all over. You also talk about money paid by the American taxpayers, and how their/your money is being diverted to far-off territories, but you did not talk about the American taxpayers money being diverted to welfare.

Are we (the locals of Saipan) the lucky ones? Uncle Sam did not include us on the freeloader list. We have to work for a living at $3.05 with house payments, car payments, food, clothing, and other cost of living expenses but still survive. We do have food stamps, and other federal assistance for low-income families, but that is it. We still need to work for cash.

Isn’t bribery common all over? It is not only common in the CNMI, because it is common all over the world.

The garment industry imports employees from China. The workers are glad for their employment only because they can hardly find jobs in their country. We even pay for round trip airline tickets to come here and work. Come to think of it, even medical bills are covered by the employers. We also do that for Americans who are contracted by our local government to work here. We pay for repatriation airfare, and we also pay for housing at the cost of US taxpayers diverted to far-off territories.

You also talk about US immigration laws, and yes we are thankful that they do not apply here. For the reason, if they do, then the laws that protect the indigenous people of the CNMI will be lost. Try talking to the local people of Guam; ask them why they have an Organic Act. In addition to this, in some states, the Native American Indians are also being protected. The United States Government has given the Native American Indians their fair share of lands and privileges. That is the same concept that applies here on Saipan.

Tourists - don’t we just love them. Of course, they make their yearly pilgrimage to honor their beloved who were killed here during World War II. Even if history books state that the Japanese enslaved the Chamorros and Carolinians, we still learned a lot from them and most of us are thankful for what we were taught. Japanese tourists are not a new thing here.

The laws that are passed granting specific legal benefits to the indigenous ethic group are just like those that apply to the indigenous Hawaiians, Eskimos, Indians, and African Americans.

You talk about fatherless children and spousal abuse. The one thing that the indigenous people of the CNMI do not do, is go on talk shows such as Ricki Lake, Jenny Jones, Geraldo, Oprah, and Jerry Springer to talk about their disgusting lifestyle.

One suggestion, before you insult our intelligence, get the facts straight. You (being referred to as the person who designed and wrote the Website entitled "Saipan Sucks") obviously wrote this article by force of anger. You were not thinking about the reality. Next time you want to do a webpage, do your homework and maybe get your head examined. And the truth will speak for itself.

I was deeply insulted by what other people think and say about our islands. The truth is we are golden-hearted people and we take care of family and respect our elders. At least we don’t send our elders to the nursing homes, kick out our children at the age of 18, and don’t have homeless people.

This article does not mean to attack all or any Americans, but to the one American who wrote that article and posted the site on the Internet.

M.C.A. (Name withheld upon request)


• • • • •

Report it to AOL

I was hurt to find another insecure Statesider venting such negative opinions about Saipan in his self-created website. The sole purpose of this site was to defame the wonderful people and culture of Saipan. If there is anyone else who feels as I do they may report the site to : hmtwnmail@aol.com

I sent a note immediately after viewing the site. It was short but to the point:

I recently viewed the above site. It was obviously created by an individual who has a need to express negative feelings and thoughts about an experience. While everyone has this need, slandering a culture and its citizens in unwarranted. AOL should not be allowed to be a vehicle for this type of slander, and perhaps has a responsibility as a world wide company to actively address such discrimination.

God Bless to everyone who is close to my heart, especially my students.

Connie Maipi

via email

• • • • •

Of sarcasm and bitterness

I am outraged about the comments contained in the newspaper article about the web page you identified at page 1 of Friday’s paper. How could somebody be so ungrateful as to "slur" Saipan? It saddens me deeply to think that somebody might be so ungrateful to the warm hospitality of the Northern Mariana Islands that she would deign to denigrate the CNMI and everything it stands for in the context of an anonymous webpage. How despicable.

Although the page at first blush appears to contain nothing more than political and social commentary, the author’s motivations must lie elsewhere. One can only wonder.

I note that you quoted many government officials who expounded voluminously on the fact that the webpage is not worthy of comment -- and then proceeded to comment. I have visited the site very recently. Apparently it’s being updated almost daily. And one dreadful development appears to be that other web sites are attaching links to this horribly venomous work of a clearly disgruntled person. Why, one might ask, would anybody be disgruntled about anything happening in Saipan? Mostly everyone I have met who has visited the islands is perfectly gruntled.

I can only conclude that the webpage must be the work of an unhappy golfer who can’t shoot par. Maybe things will improve. I must say, however, that such bilious claptrap has no place on the world wide web or anywhere else. Too bad there’s such a thing as freedom of speech. I’ve heard it doesn’t exist in Saipan and that people who speak their minds are voted "persona non grata." Saipan has it right.


via email

(Editor’s Note: Forgetabilia@aol.com is the contact address for the website entitled "Saipan Sucks.)

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