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Friday, April 18, 2014

Census: Garapan is most populous
Census 2010 data shows population of 125 villages in CNMI

Saipan’s Garapan, Dandan, and Koblerville are the most populous of the 125 villages in the CNMI in 2010, while at least three villages on Rota each have a population of just one, based on the latest village population count released by the U.S. Census Bureau.

This latest data comes five months after Census released the CNMI’s 2010 population count of 53,883—a 22.2-percent drop from 69,221 in 2000—mainly attributed to the shrinking foreign worker base as a result of a slower economy that forced businesses to shut down or cut operations, among other things.

Of the 77 villages on Saipan, Garapan has the largest population estimate of 3,983, an 11-percent increase from 3,588 in a 10-year period.

Dandan has a population count of 3,280, a 21-percent increase from only 2,718 in 2000.

Koblerville’s current population of 2,493, however, is a 30-percent drop from the previous census count of 3,453.

Saipan’s Fina Sisu ranks fourth with 2,451, followed by Kagman III with 2,402, San Vicente with 2,091, and Susupe with 2,078.

With the release of this more detailed report on the CNMI population, Rep. Joseph Palacios (R-Saipan) hopes that his initiative seeking to reduce the number of Saipan members of the House of Representatives—from 18 to nine—will finally move forward.

Palacios’ House Legislative Initiative 17-4 seeks to cut the number of seats for Saipan. The initiative has been with the House Committee on Judiciary and Governmental Operations since February 2011. The panel said it was waiting for the results of the Census 2010 survey but five months since the population count was released in August, a committee report on the initiative has yet to be released.

On Tinian, 62 percent or 1,939 of its population of 3,136 live in San Jose. Marpo Heights, meanwhile, has a population of 679.

On Rota, Sinapalo has the largest population of 1,297 or 51 percent of the island population of 2,527. Songsong ranks second with 593.

The Fitial administration, through the Department of Commerce said yesterday in a statement that the population counts by villages are important for planning purposes for the business sector, civic planning, community-based networks, and for other purposes.

It said one example of civic planning is the Commonwealth Utilities Corp.’s infrastructure forecast allocation for water and wastewater for their five to 10 years planning program based on population counts by village levels.

“The administration wishes to express its appreciation to the U.S. Census Bureau for pre-releasing these important data ahead of schedule. Further population demographics will be made available late spring of this year,” said press secretary Angel Demapan.

Saipan villages

Saipan’s population shrunk by 22.7 percent or by 14,172-from 62,392 in 2000 to 48,220 in 2010.

The 10 villages with the largest population are: Garapan, 3,983; Dandan, 3,280; Koblerville, 2,493; Fina Sisu, 2,451; Kagman III, 2,402; San Vicente, 2,091; Susupe, 2,078; Gualo Rai, 1,660; Afetnas, 1,486; and Chalan Kanoa I, 1,304.

The other Saipan villages with considerable population size are: Chalan Piao, 1,282; China Town, 1,274; Fananganan, 1,201; San Antonio, 1,149; Chalan Laulau, 1,096; Chalan Kiya, 1,062; and Capital Hill, 1,028.

Among the Saipan villages with a population of less than 1,000 each are San Jose/Oleai, 954; Chalan Kanoa II, 921; As Lito, 920; Kagman II, 918; I Liyang, 917; Kannat Tabla, 874; Tanapag, 829; Chalan Kanoa III, 794; Dagu, 780; San Roque, 741; As Palacios, 718; As Rabagau, 677; Chalan Kanoa IV, 631; As Matuis, 596;

Those with a population of less than 500 include Kagman IV, 456; Papago, 380; Kagman I, 358; As Teo, 317; I Akgak, 327; Agingan, 308; As Mahetog, 304; As Terlaje, 282; Navy Hill, 260; Chalan Rueda, 257; As Perdido, 238; Laulau Bay, 226; Tottotville, 258; Achugao, 209; Chalan Galaide, 178; Maturana Hill, 161; As Gonna, 157; Tapochao, 124; and Sadog Tasi, 115.

Saipan villages with a population of less than 100 each are: As Akina, 99; Kagman, 92; Marpi, 85; Chacha, 65; Matansa, 65; I Pitot, 54; Lower Base, 50; Talafofo, 41; Nanasu, 40; I Naftan, 36; Hilaihai, 35; I Denni, 27; Opyan, 20; As Falipe, six;

There are also Saipan villages with zero population, including American Memorial Park, Banaderu, Bird Island, Fanonchuluyan, Forbidden Island, I Fadang, I Maddok, Kalabera, Managaha, Pidos Kahalo, Puerto Rico, Sabaneta, and Tangke.

Census reported in August that of Saipan’s five election districts or precincts, Precinct 3 is the most populated with 15,624, followed by Precinct 1 with 15,160, and Precinct 5 with 7,207.


Tinian’s population decreased by 11.4 percent, from 3,540 in 2000 to 3,136 in 2010.

Of Tinian’s eight villages, the most populous is San Jose with 1,939, followed by Marpo Heights with 679, Carolinas Heights with 336, Eastern Tinian with 155, and Carolinas with 27. Aguijan and Northern Tinian each have zero populations.


Rota saw the biggest drop in terms of percentage. Its population went from 3,283 in 2000 to 2,527 in 2010—a 23-percent decline equivalent to 756 individuals.

Of its 40 villages, almost half or 22 have no residents.

Of the remaining 18 villages, three have a population of one each: Gagani, Gayaugan/Kaan, and Makmak.

Sinapalo is the most populous village on Rota with 1,297 residents, followed by Songsong with 593, Annex F with 154, Tenetu with 147, and Chenchon with 117.

The other populated villages are Liyu, 62; Ginalangan/Chudan, 59; Taimama, 22; Matpo, 17; Tatgua, 17; As Niebes, 12; Gampapa, 12; Lempanai, nine; and Talo, four.

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