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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Downed power poles cause power outages in San Antonio

Downed power poles resulted in a portion of San Antonio Village—including two schools—going without electricity as early as 6am yesterday.

The Commonwealth Utilities Corp. said that a large tree fell following yesterday’s heavy rain and strong winds, taking with it the power poles.

At San Antonio Elementary School, power outages hit the school thrice. School principal James Sablan said the duration of each power outage was less than 15 minutes, the first one occurring as soon as classes started at 8am. Uninterrupted power only resumed around 11am.

Sablan said that CUC crews immediately worked on the downed poles and did an electrical inspection before classes started.

Due to the situation, school staff and teachers temporarily shut down their computers until power was successfully restored around noon.

At Hopwood Junior High School, the power outage occurred only once, just before classes started at 8:30am, and was immediately rectified. It did not have any impact on classes, according to a school employee.

Pacific Islands Club manager Vicky Benavente also confirmed a power outage hitting the resort yesterday morning but said it didn’t have any effect on the hotel.

Majority of commercial establishments in San Antonio said they experienced only one power interruption yesterday, while other residential customers claimed experiencing more than two on the same day.

It was learned that the power interruption affected most parts of Kiya 2, which includes San Antonio, Koblerville, and portions of Chalan Piao.

According to CUC acting executive director Alan Fletcher, a large tree fell on the power lines during the heavy rains and strong winds yesterday. However, he said CUC responded immediately and successfully restored the power supply to affected areas around noon.

While doing the repair work, CUC rerouted power from another feeder to supply power to most customers in the affected area, Fletcher said.

If customers are still without power, they may call CUC’s 24-hour Trouble Desk at 235-7026 to 7032.

The agency’s power division manager, Gary Camacho, also reported that minor outages occurred yesterday on Capitol Hill and Susupe due to worn infrastructure and the heavy rainfall and windy conditions taking their toll. Power was quickly restored to both areas.

“As with all of CUC’s electrical systems, the need for maintenance and replacement of worn parts and equipment far exceeds our ability to pay for the improvements. We will continue to work on system upgrades in order to ensure reliable power to consumers,” added Fletcher.

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