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Thursday, April 17, 2014

3 advance to Asia Flow Tour finals in SG

From left, Westphal, Jang and Suzuki. Saipan’s Dan Westphal and the Japanese duo of Yu Suzuki and Ellie Jang advanced to the next round of the Asia Flow Tour’s 2012 International Championship after winning the Pacific Islands Club and Delta Air Lines’ 6th Point Break Flowrider/Bodyboarding Championship expert flowrider and bodyboarding categories last weekend.

The trio advanced through Friday’s elimination pools and arose victorious in the finals on Saturday along with the three other category winners.

They will compete for a chance to advance to the Flow Tour World Championships in Utah if they make it through the next phase of the competition, which is being held in the Wave House in Sentosa, Singapore next Thursday.

The threesome also received cash prizes and $500 worth of Delta travel miles.

Westphal topped 10 other male Flowriders, while Suzuki clinched his second consecutive bodyboard title.

Female Flowrider champ Jang beat out runner-up Kaoru Nishimura, of Japan, and Korea’s Miji Park.

The Top 3 adult place finishers of all categories were presented with trophies and some gear provided by Docomo Pacific. Westphal also enjoyed a $400 cash prize and the other expert champs received $350.

Ray Babauta got honorable mention for finishing runner-up in both expert fields and walked away with $400 cash and a pair of a G-Shock wrist watches.

In addition, Babauta and Westphal also won Monster Trick honors and each received a case of Monster energy drinks, Docomo cell phones, and a trip to Tinian.

The local bets went big in the finals as Babauta was the only rider to go airborne with his bodyboard and land a full somersault from his knees, while Westphal showcased some serious ollie skills. Baubauta’s prize package also included some Hollywood Theaters movie passes and Westphal a gift certificate from Da 670 Shop.

Expert Bodyboarder Yuki Yamamoto of Japan, settled for third place honors, as did expert flowrider Mike Gladkov of Russia; 2011 flowrider finalist Yeon Park of Korea, was thwarted from an appearance in the podium this time around.

Yamamoto and Gladkov received $100 cash, a gift certificate from Thai Massage, and a pair of Kreed sunglasses.

Nishiyama won $200 cash, a Baby G-Shock watch, and a Roxy bag, while Park received $100, a Thai Massage coupon, and a Sarong tote bag.

Korean bodyboarder, Rain, was deemed the male open division champ over 15 others and Mi Joo, also of Korea, defended her 2011 title over and open women’s field of seven; both winners won a four-day and three-night stay at PIC and some Quicksilver gear.

Japan’s Sieta Mineyuki finished second behind Rain and won a Cartel board and knit bag, while Gladkov swiped third place and received a Nintendo-DS and some Quicksilver gear.

Japan’s Yukiko Makisaka enjoyed the same spoils as Mineyuki for her second place female open bodyboard finish, and Nishimura rounded out the third spot and received a Nintendo-DS and Quicksilver gear.

Notably, the kids (ages 12 to 17) age division was not featured in the event as previously reported, but fortunately a trio of Grommets (ages 11 and under) turned out for the show and the finalists battled it out for three 1-minute rounds on Saturday. In the end, Ryou Min Kyu, of Korea, won over his little brother Ryou Jin Woo and third place finisher Amami Nakamura of Japan.

Min Kyu won a brand new Nintendo DS, while the latter pair went home with Quicksilver gear packages.

Along with Delta, PIC would like to thank Pacific Trading Co. (Monster/Gatorade), Quicksilver, Boarderline, Docomo Pacific, Da 670 Shop, Hollywood Theaters, D&Q International Distributors, Japan Flow Rider Association, Triple J Wholesalers, and Thai Massage for making the event possible.

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