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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Brennan: Back to basics for NMI

Saipan Chamber of Commerce president Doug Brennan believes that people of the Commonwealth should consider bringing back some of the basics in life to better prepare the CNMI in its goal of enticing more tourists to the islands.

He specifically cited the project “Victory Gardens” as among the initiatives that could be re-initiated in the community to ensure the continuous supply of food on the table.

“Victory Gardens,” which were popular during World War II, were simply small patches of dirt that were tilled and cultivated to provide fresh vegetables for families.

Speaking to the Chamber’s membership on Wednesday, Brennan said some folks even grew vegetables in wooden boxes on the window sills of their apartments.

“We need to have the capability to feed ourselves and our families before we begin to think about feeding our guests. Growing your own food really does give you a sense of pride and it is a great teaching tool for your children. We need to get that spirit flowing in our blood again,” said Brennan.

Along this line, Brennan said he’s pleased to learn that the Local Farmers Association has become a member of the Hotel Association of the Northern Mariana Islands

“That is a great step forward if the momentum can be sustained. If the partnership can be organized and managed properly, our guests can be treated to fresh, home-grown fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.”

Brennan also shared with the membership his thoughts about bringing back and keeping cleanliness in every home.

“We need to keep our homes neat and clean. Not only is a clean house and yard relaxing, the cleaning process is great exercise. Get out in the yard and work up a sweat. The benefits are many,” said Brennan, adding that the positive impact of maintaining a clean environment will be evident in the tourism industry.

“What affect would that have on tourism? As Jerry Tan pointed out in his presentation at the Century Tours anniversary, ‘If our house is neat and clean, we will always be ready for friends, family, and guests to visit us.”

Brennan recognized the efforts of agencies and groups that regularly participate in beach cleanups and related campaigns.

Brennan also sees the need to feel safe and secure in our communities and urged the public to take part in activities such as the Neighborhood Watch programs.

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