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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Serenity Salon & Spa turns 7 with unveiling of new equipment

A customer undergoes treatment using Serenity Salon & Spa’s Ultrasonic Cavitation Slimming Equipment, the no-needle liposuction apparatus that yields immediate results by using radio frequency to crack and dissolve deep-seated cellulite and fatty cells. (Clarissa V. David) Serenity Salon & Spa marks its seventh year in operation with the unveiling of five state-of-the-art machines and equipment that elevate the standards of salon and spa care in the Commonwealth.

Pinky Antonino, senior therapist and facialist, said these beauty contraptions were recently purchased “as a testament to our commitment and dedication in improving our amenities at Serenity Salon & Spa.

Antonino said their entire personnel went through comprehensive and rigorous training so that each of them are qualified and skilled to handle these machines.

“All of us have been trained by a licensed doctor from the Philippines and we’re proud to say that we’re the only facility in the CNMI that has achieved that,” she added.

One bonus of these high-tech machines is that treatment does not require needle injections.

The IPL and RF Hair Removal beauty machine uses intense pulsed light and radio frequency technology for permanent hair removal and much more. It is also used to solve skin flaws by eliminating freckles, wrinkles, spider veins, stretch marks, acne, and skin pigmentation. This machine also increases dermis layer temperature and stimulates collagen fiber rebirth and readjustment, giving the skin a much needed lift to make it healthy and youthful looking.

The Oxygen and Bio Skin Lifting equipment uses oxygen, the key ingredient in human metabolism, which is then infused to the skin to improve blood circulation, increase metabolism and growth of active cells to prevent diseases, tighten pores and wrinkles, and slow down the skin aging process.

The No-Needle Mesotherapy Equipment is a highly effective and safe device that utilizes electroporation and electro-osmosis techonologies in supplying active nutrients into the skin tissue during treatment. It targets deep-seated cells to promote metabolism and blood circulation, giving it moisture that leads to the removal of wrinkles and cellulite, skin whitening, and dissolving of fat.

Serenity Salon & Spa also has two Ultrasonic Cavitation Slimming Equipment, the no-needle liposuction apparatus that yields immediate results by using radio frequency to crack and dissolve deep-seated cellulite and fatty cells for a slimmer look. It also enhances skin elasticity and relaxes muscles.

There is also the Micro-crystal Dermabrasion machine, which uses a non-surgical skin refinishing procedure to vacuum out particles in the skin, effectively removing dirt and dead skin to get rid of blemishes and other skin imperfections like uneven pigmentation and fine lines.

Treatment services for all machines, except for the Oxygen and Bio Skin Lifting equipment, cost $100 per session, which lasts for a good two hours. The treatment using the oxygen machine costs only $50.

Antonino emphasized that Serenity Salon & Spa requires a full disclosure customer-therapist discussion as well as the signing of a waiver before starting any of the new treatment services to ensure the customer’s well-being.

Antonino said they already have several customers from Saipan and Guam who are enjoying the benefits of these new machines, and she encourages them to take advantage of the “Buy 5, Get 1 Free” introductory promotion for the new treatment services.

Serenity Salon & Spa also has other promotions as a way of giving back to their loyal customers who have patronized them in the last seven years.

Promo 1, priced at $70, allows customers to choose seven of the following services: deep cleansing facial, Diamond Peel, haircut, manicure, pedicure, foot spa, quick stress message, eyebrow threading, eyebrow waxing, and upper lip threading. With the exception of the first two services, all the rest can be done more than once.

Promo 2, which costs $100, involves seven sessions of one kind of treatment or service. Choose from deep cleansing facial, Serenity signature massage, Diamond Peel, manicure and pedicure, and hair treatment. Family members or friends who avail of two different treatment or service can swap to allow them to enjoy different pampering activities.

Promo 3 involves four different kinds of packages for $70 each. Package A includes two deep cleansing facial plus two Diamond Peel; Package B includes a body scrub, Serenity signature massage, deep cleansing facial, and Diamond Peel; Package C includes two hair spa treatment, two manicure and pedicure, and three haircut; and Package D involves four sessions of any or a combination of Brazilian, bikini and/or half leg waxing.

Promo period is from Oct. 10 to 12. For appointments or for more information, visit Serenity Salon & Spa at the second floor of Dollar Days in Garapan or call 233-6688/2828/2288.

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