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Friday, April 18, 2014

Proposed pesticide regulations available for comment

The Division of Environmental Quality is proposing to promulgate its CNMI Pesticide Management Regulations in the December or January publication of the Commonwealth Registrar.

"The new regulations will supersede the Pesticide Management Regulations, which were adopted in 1994 and are now obsolete," according to Pesticide and Storage Tank branch manager Reina Camacho.

According to Camacho, the proposed regulation further defines and expands the prohibited acts in accordance with federal law, Federal Insecticide Fungicide, Rodenticide Act, or FIFRA. The proposed regulation shall reduce the fee associated with obtaining pesticide applicator certification and clarifies the permit requirements and conditions relating to use of pesticides, including storage and transportation.

Camacho adds that importation of pesticide and pesticide devices are redefined and shall apply to any 1) any restricted use pesticide from any country into the CNMI; (2) any pesticide or pesticide device manufactured in or shipped by or through a foreign country; any termiticide, including those used for crack, crevice, and spot treatment; (3) any pesticide used to control pests on fruit and/or vegetable crops or other agricultural products; and (4) pesticides used for fumigation, hospital grade disinfection and commercial purposes .

“The reason for the new regulation is to ensure the proper management of pesticide use, sale, and other requirements to meet federal standards and practices applicable to the Islands,” said Camacho.

The regulations apply to all persons that import, sale or distribute, use, handle and or apply pesticides.

One may view the proposed Pesticide Management Regulations online at http://deq.gov.mp/artdoc/Sec7art221ID776.pdf.

DEQ has scheduled the following stakeholder sessions to answer any questions about the proposed regulations:

-Dec. 4: DEQ Saipan Office, 2nd Floor, 5pm to 7pm

-Dec. 5: DEQ Tinian Office, 3pm to 5pm

-Dec. 6: DEQ Saipan Office, 12pm to 1pm

-Dec. 11: DEQ Saipan Office, 2nd Floor, 5pm to 7pm

-Dec. 13: DEQ Saipan Office, 12pm to 1pm

The stakeholder meeting for Rota shall be on Dec 19, 20, or 21.

Visit www.deq.gov.mp for an updated schedule or to send your written comments or request additional information via email storagetankspesticides@deq.gov.mp. (DEQ)

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